Once you realize the true nutritional worth of Oats, you’ll search for How to Make Oatmeal to start your day feeling healthy. A bowl of oats is one of the healthiest delights you can serve others and enjoy yourself for breakfast. How about starting your day with a perfect meal. Oatmeal is a common word you must have heard among your friends or colleagues. Why not try it yourself with awesome yet simple recipes? Oats come in different forms and are loaded highly with soluble Fiber and Protein known to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol. According to the latest research, it’s also a Low-Glycemic-Index food that also burns fats if you havea bowl before your workouts. There are different types of oats (Quick Oats, Steel-cut Oats, and Rolled Oats) you can choose, and every type has equal health benefits.But first, let’s look at the reasons why oatmeal has become a trending food in America. Facts Before You Learn How To Make Oats Medical sciences have proved that a bowl full of oats is effective at weight loss, eliminates the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and maintains blood sugar level. Oatmealis rich in antioxidants, Beta-Glucan (a soluble fiber that improves insulin response and reduces LDL-Bad cholesterol), and other minerals listed below. Copper Folate Iron Magnesium Phosphorus Vitamins B-1 and B-5    Zinc There are also science-backed evidence stating Oatmeal is a useful food to prevent Asthma risks, besides keeping your gut healthy.  A Bowl Of Freshly Cooked Oatmeal Contains: 166 Calories 3.56 gram Fat 4 gram Dietary Fiber 5.94 gram Protein Varieties Of Oatmeal: Oat Groat/Whole Oats: The grains in oat groat take the longest to be ready to serve.These are naturally processed and have substantial amounts of nutrients. You’ll need to add 4-cups of water in proportion to1 cup of Oats. If you have time […] Read More