Diwali Sweets- For a Happy Diwali

What’s a Happy Diwali without Diwali Sweets?  Diwali is a popular festival of the Indian calendar year. All across India we celebrate this festival for five days. Sweets are an integral part of this Festival. Moreover, it signifies love, affection, and prosperity. People share sweets as part of the celebration. Sweets resemble sweetness and happiness in relationships. Also, it is a vital element of every Indian Festival. So, without sweets, Diwali is incomplete. Diwali Sweets are of various kinds.  Famous Diwali Sweets Laddu Laddus are quite famous as a festival sweet. These sphere-shaped mouth-watering sweets are known for their sweetness. Also, these can be of various shapes and types. We can use milk, ghee, nuts, and other ingredients to make laddus at home. There are different types of Laddus. For instance, ‘Motichoor’ is a famous delicacy for Diwali. Also, the besan laddu, coconut laddu, boondi laddu are a part of this occasion. Great taste and aroma makes the laddus a Diwali special. Barfis Kaju Barfis, also known as Kaju Katlis, is a famous Diwali sweet. These Diamond-shaped sweets, made of milk, sugar, and cashew nuts, are a most sorted sweet for any Indian Occasion. Who wouldn’t want a box of Chocolate Barfis? It is one of the most special Diwali sweets. Also, with various flavors, it is known for its unique taste. Most Common Diwali Sweets Gulab Jamun Another popular sweet of Diwali is the Gulab Jamun. With an incredible taste and deliciousness, this sweet is an Indian Classic. These soft jams are made of milk powder. Also, these soft spongy balls are loved by the kids. Blend with rose-scented syrup jamuns are a famous delicacy. It is India’s most favorite dessert and a Diwali sweet.  Carrot Halwa Also known as ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ you won’t find this sweet not […] Read More