15 Best Restaurants For Candlelight Dinner In Bangalore

We all know the most favorite word we would like to hear after good food is ‘Je t’aime’. What is love if you can’t have the nicest candlelight dinner with your beau among the stars drinking some wine or champagne? If you are one cute couple fond of each other, growing for best destination to dates and hangouts, we have got you. These ten restaurants will definitely be your bucket-list accomplishments. Here are some of the best restaurants for candlelight dinner in Bangalore.   Best Restaurants for Candlelight Dinner in Bangalore 1. Blue Ginger Taj  This restaurant lies at Taj West End’s Bangalore and is one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in the city. The place has an open-air pavilion and you can have a romantic meal with a flavor of luxury. It has a pond surrounding the restaurant to enhance the beauty of the place. The best cuisine served by the restaurant is the Jasmine Rice with Chicken curry noodles along with Vietnamese chicken. Also, spring roll and asparagus soup are some of the wonderful tastes of the place.  Price- 3200 for two( Booking in advance is a must) Place- Taj West End, Bangalore 2. Persian Terrace  Persian terrace in Bangalore is a restaurant that is a gem of style and design. Each space is designed like a village house in Persia. The juxtaposition of a Classical style courtyard and modern design makes the building visually stimulating. Each space has intimate spaces where various local flora and fauna grow lushly. The core of the garden is the Persian mosque which is inlaid with floral arrangements. The drinking fountain in front of the restaurant is the very famous 3-legged Cone of Lebanon with 5 arches. The restaurant interior is elegant, soothing, and full of ambiance. The lights on the terraces add […] Read More