Famous Bengali Sweets that can Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Famous Bengali Sweets: Everyone has a sweet tooth no matter if one is a foodie or not. Available in fascinating hues and delectable taste, no doubt it’s hard to deny a sweet dish. While talking about the richness of flavours and satisfying your temptation, Bengali sweets are the top scorer. Known for its rich culture, Bengali sweets are incomparable and exceptionally famous due to its innovative creations of sweetmeats and finest choices of textures and tastes. That’s why it’s often said to have a Bengali friend. So, if you’re ever planning to pay a visit to West Bengal, then do delight your taste buds with these 10 best enticing bundles of happiness. Top 10 Famous Bengali Sweets Shondesh  To savour your sweet tooth after a sumptuous dinner, this dry Bengali sweet is a heart stealer. Made with the essence of sugar/jaggery and condensed milk, this famous delicacy calls for happiness with its trendy fusion of flavours with chocolate, mango and pista. Moreover, it is moulded into different shapes, which makes it difficult to say no to. So, do not forget to devour yourself into the sweetness of this best delight. Roshogolla    Roshogolla is one of the most famous Bengali sweets among every age group. Originated in East India, this popular savoury has become every household favourite sweet dish to emblazon one’s festivity with. This cute little chhena dumplings simmered in sugary syrup make your taste buds go crazy once tasted. Wanna dive into its temptation, go figure out! Kheer Kadam  Imagine opening a candy and getting two sweetness in a single wrapping, that’s a bit of absolute blissful luck! What if such heart-melting surprises you may found every time in a sweet dish, that’s when Kheer Kadam comes in a picture. This famous two-layered savoury is an absolute day […] Read More