Some individuals wearing glasses have no troubles moving other activities to eating. Unfortunately, sometimes glasses can be uncomfortable, foggy or make it difficult to see your food. If you’re struggling with your prescription safety glasses while eating, use these tips. Don’t let a frustrating eating experience prevent you from wearing and enjoying your eyeglasses.

Avoid Fog

Fog is the most common issue while eating. If you enter a warm building from the cold or lean over a hot bowl of soup to start your meal, you may experience fog. Foggy glasses make it difficult or impossible to see what you’re doing while you eat, so it’s important to solve this issue with one of these strategies.

First, consider removing your glasses. If you have a small prescription or you’re nearsighted, you may not need your glasses on while eating. Removing your glasses keeps them clean and safe from fog as you enjoy a warm bowl of soup, noodles or a steaming plate of tasty food.

Another option is to use anti-fog technology. Anti-fog lenses or anti-fog spray applied to your lenses may prevent fog from occurring. Shop for fog-resistant lenses to enjoy clear vision while eating or walking between hot and cold environments.

Consider Bifocals

Another common complaint while eating with glasses is having difficulties focusing on food. If you’re seated and your food appears blurry, it may be time to check the prescription on your prescription glasses. A new prescription or bifocals can help you see clearly, whether driving, reading or eating. Bifocals offer the same prescription you need for seeing things at a distance, but add a different prescription for focusing on close-up items, like a plate of food. Eating and reading are common activities that make you first realize you need bifocals, so work with your eye doctor to test your eyes before ordering a pair online.

Compare Lens and Frame Sizes

A common issue while eating is having less peripheral vision. You may not notice while you walk or go about your day, but while eating you may notice a lack of peripheral vision as you look down at your plate. This can make it frustrating and cause you to alter the way you eat. Even worse, it may cause your glasses to fall off your face.

Look for a new pair of glasses to stay comfortable throughout your day. Thinner frames or larger lenses can extend your peripheral vision and keep you comfortable while you eat. Additional peripheral vision can also help in other areas of life.Shop online to find affordable glasses with the frames and lenses you love for an updated look.

Glasses falling off your face while you eat may mean you need to adjust your glasses or order a new pair. Use caution when adjusting your glasses. Run plastic frames under warm water before attempting to adjust them. Carefully bend the arms, nose pieces and curves around your ears to keep your glasses comfortably on your face.

Stay Comfortable With Prescription Glasses From Marvel Optics

At Marvel Optics, you can find all the frame styles, anti-fog features and bifocal lenses you need for a comfortable eating experience. Shop for eyeglasses today to compare affordable options that meet your prescription and keep you looking stylish. Don’t let fog, loose frames or small lenses prevent you from living your life comfortably, but discover how you can update your look for less.

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