Although Dubai doesn’t really have a global reputation for being a romantic destination, the City of Gold actually has abundant offerings ideal for couples who want to spend quality time together. 

Therefore, if you are eyeing the weekend as an opportunity to be with your spouse or special someone, it should be easy enough to set a date if you’re in Dubai. Just be open-minded and explore the variety of options available. And, if you need some ideas to work with, listed below are seven highly recommended ones.

Idea #1: Private Sunset Dinner in the Desert

If you really want to play up the romance for this weekend, how about watching the sunset while having a gourmet dinner with the one you love? There are desert tour packages that are designed specifically for couples, which include the usual dune bashing or camel ride to a private location with a stunning setup for a dinner for two.

You get your own chef, server, and entertainment. Plus, there are cuddle seats for watching the sunset. After dinner, you will be brought back to the city proper by a 4×4. This is a luxurious dining experience that for sure you and your partner will never forget.

Idea #2: Private Dining at a Famous Restaurant

If you are not really keen on an outdoor adventure, consider having brunch or dinner at a famous local restaurant. Reserve an exclusive room or table to have a private dining experience. This option is particularly great if you have something special in mind for your partner, like a proposal, perhaps, or a surprise party.

You can even bring family and close friends for the romantic celebration (every now and then, it’s nice to have witnesses when you’re doing something special for the one you love) because exclusive rooms can accommodate big groups. 

Plus, there are service bundles that come with such provisions. You may even get an expert event planner if you want to deck out for the private dinner party. The event planner will help you come up with a program so you can demonstrate affection for your partner.

Idea #3: Dinner Cruise

Dubai Creek has seen some of the most romantic events. Proposals, anniversary celebrations, Valentine’s Day dates, New Year’s Eve celebrations, first dates – many of these were held at the creek on a beautiful yacht. 

There are dinner cruises that you can join to chow and relax with your loved one this weekend. Look them up online because providers come up with creative programs to make the cruise and dinner a truly memorable experience, especially for couples. At times, they hire a string quartet for entertainment, or a famous chef prepares the dinner. On some occasions, they even come up with fun themes.

It’s worth mentioning too that if you want an even more extravagant experience, you can also rent a private yacht for the dinner cruise. With this, you can work with an event planner and customize a program to make the night as enjoyable as possible for you and your partner – and perhaps, a few other loved ones, too.

Idea #4: Cheese and Wine Class

If you and your partner enjoy discovering new things together, consider signing up for a weekend cheese and wine class. Sample cheeses from different parts of the globe and learn the best wines that go with them. From this class, you will learn enough to be able to host your own cheese and wine party.

A lot of folks think that this is not a real dining experience, though, but that is not the case at all. Most cheese and wine classes conclude with a well thought out dinner spread featuring the cheeses and wine sampled during the class. So, do not worry about spending money on this class and not eating properly because dinner is usually thrown into the program.

Idea #5: Quirky Dinner

Quirky dinner programs are quite popular in Dubai these days. These include a dinner party way up high in the air and hanging from a crane, murder mystery dinner parties, and even blindfolded ones.

These are one of a kind dining experiences that a lot of couples actually enjoy. There’s a sense of adventure to them, which may be what you’re looking for. However, these are not common provisions and when they do become available, a lot of folks automatically sign up for them. So, keep your eyes peeled for announcements from restaurants and other agencies that are known to host them.

Idea #6: Dinner Under the Stars

A lot of popular dining destinations in the city have an outdoor section where customers can dine under the stars. A famous grill restaurant, for instance, does not just have indoor-outdoor rooms, but an al fresco dining section as well.

Such restaurants are not your only options, though. You can take a DIY approach for a romantic dinner with your partner as well. If you consider yourself a decent cook, prepare a gourmet menu that you can easily pull off. Order top-quality meat and other ingredients from trusted food suppliers, pull out your cooking chops, create a setup in your garden for an intimate outdoor dining experience, and surprise your partner with a dinner all prepared by you.

Idea #7: Private Film Showing and Dinner

Dubai has some luxury movie theaters that you can rent for a private film showing. These theaters have plush seats, state of the art audio-visual systems, and VIP services, which include a gourmet meal.

This is a little out of the ordinary dinner date experience, but dinner at the movies makes perfect sense. It’s awesome to eat something other than popcorn and to be served like VIPs while enjoying a film. Think of it as a movie date at home but ten times better.

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