Everyone knows that whole foods are the best choice when it comes to snacks and meals, but this is not what everyone likes to eat. Nowadays everyone wants fast and easy meals thus making vegan protein bars a very convenient choice. It is easy to eat almonds or an apple as an easy snack but many times you might want to eat something which is different.

Tips to Consider

Nowadays you can get protein bars which are plant based in abundance along with the protein bars which are whey protein based. Whey protein bars are unlike the vegan protein bars. They are extremely acidic to the human body and are processed heavily. It does not make them better even if they are low on carbs or fat or if it states that it is sugar free. It is always better to eat vegan protein bars instead of the protein ones. If you want to know how to proceed on choosing a healthy snack for yourself, you should always follow the below tips so that you can be sure that vegan protein bars are the perfect choice.

  • Check the Sugar: Many Vegan protein bars would weigh 25-30 grams of sugar which is twice as much if you have had a plain donut which is Krispy and is glazed with Kreme or having about sixteen ounces of sodas. It’s not that you can’t have a soda or a donut. You just need to change the vegan protein bar you chose. You should always make sure that the sugar you consume in a day is very limited even if the sources are natural such as dates and nectar. If you have too much sugar you might end up increasing your sugar level which will lead to you gaining weight. So, you should choose the vegan protein bar which has minimal ingredients and very little sugar. Sugar under 10 gm is recommended.
  • Always Read About The Ingredients Before Buying The Vegan Protein Bar:  As you are already aware by now that excess sugar is not recommended even in vegan protein bars you need to be very careful when you buy a specific product. Always check what the source of sugar is. As you may have noticed many vegan protein bar wrappers would list brown or agave syrup as their ingredients, which obviously is not what you should be eating. These ingredients according to the panel of nutrition have the heaviest ingredients used to make a very small amount of vegan protein bars. The wrappers might specify written ingredients as “Brown Rice syrup, dates, agave nectar, almonds, cinnamon, Quinoa & sea salt”. Generally, the products listed at the top are the main ingredients which consist most of the vegan protein bar. So, if you find any of the above ingredients you should then choose another vegan bar which would be better. The options you need to choose from are hemp protein, almonds, coconut, dates, hemp seeds etc.
  • Oils: Never have vegan bars which contain oils. Even if you see that the ingredients mentioned are healthy oils such as canola, coconut or olive. Same as sugar, oils are not considered as whole food. Make sure you intake a vegan protein bar that has sources of fat such as hemp, chia, coconut & flax. These food sources would give you healthy fats along with fiber, minerals and vitamins. These nutrients can’t be found in the vegan protein bars made mostly of oils.
  • Pick a Bar Which Has Proteins: Your vegan protein bar should always contain 8-10 grams of best quality vegan protein. The intake of protein would help you in keeping the blood sugar in the normal range. It also gives us energy that fuels the muscle cells to build a perfect body and fills your stomach for a longer time. It is best to have a protein bar after a good work out. You can start your work out with a smoothie and later on the vegan protein bar after the workout is completed.
  • Organic Food: These foods are very awesome when it comes to keeping you in good health even though they are protein bars which are processed. Organic vegan protein bars are tastier.  Always look for the seal of authenticity (USDA) while buying the protein bars.
  • Raw Diet: A vegan raw meal can really energize you. So, if you want to eat a bar which is processed choose the options which are raw as they would be less processed then the ones which are not raw.

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