Although the lottery is a game of chance, people have tried it and won massive amounts of money. In case you participate and win, you may want to treat yourself well by accessing the luxuries that you would not think of while struggling with life. One of the places that you may think of visiting is a Michelin-star restaurant where you can dine like a king or queen. The restaurants to go to if you win the lottery and many. However, if you want to access top-notch services, keep reading this blog to understand the world-class restaurants you can visit after winning the lottery.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant: Maldives US$320 per person

Located in Rangali Island in the Maldives, Ithaa is an outstanding undersea restaurant that allows you to dine while taking the amazing view of the coral garden. As a guest, you’ll be treated with a six-course lunch and dinner, highlighting the modern European cuisine that comes with wine. The lowest amount you can spend for a meal is $320. You can reach the joint if you’re a guest of Conrad Rangali, a classic resort on the island. 

Sublimotion-Ibiza, Spain 

This is one of the top-notch joints in the world managed by Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero. In 2014, the hotel received an award for being the Best Innovation Food & Beverage. Among its key menu highlights are 20 food tasting entrees and 12 outstanding dinners per table. For dinner only, you’ll have to use $2,000. The hotel is operational only during summer, from June to September.

MASA-New York, USA

This is a Japanese hotel founded by Chef Masa Takayama in 2004. The eatery is located in Manhattan and offers an extraordinary dining experience that goes for $595. When you add beverages and taxes, the cost can really go high. In case you want to visit the hotel, you must book reservations three weeks before. Most of the foods that Chef Masa uses to prepare the delicacies are flown from Japan. The hotel features Japanese dining cultures while serving food.

Restaurant De L’Hotel De Ville-Crissier, Switzerland

The eatery is found in Switzerland and delivers a menu consisting of 11 courses, which goes for $415. Among the tasty foods found in this restaurant include fillet of lamb, mussels with saffron, pulp, and others. The three Michelin-star served in the hotel include Somme Bay Scallops prepared with orange tarocco. The hotel is managed by the chief Chef Frank Giovannoni, who has maintained the top-notch statue of the joint.

Alain Ducasse, London

The joint is situated in London, UK, and features French menus. The Michelin-three star hotel provides outstanding meals like the Black Truffle menu and a seven-course meal that goes for $343. Chef Alain Ducasse is renowned for his exceptional skills in preparing French delicacies.


Winning in a lottery catapults you to millionaire status. Apart from using your resources for investments, you can commit some amounts for your enjoyment. As part of your entertainment, you should consider visiting any of the Michelin star hotels explored above.

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