When it comes to food, every person who uses Instagram posts pictures of the food they’re eating, what they like, etc. and hope to be food bloggers and garner likes and comments. However, when it comes to food blogging, there are only a select number of people who are truly food bloggers. In other words, it is not only about what they eat, but how they review and publish it that matters. In this post, let’s take a walk and get to know about the top Instagram food bloggers in India.

Top 11 Instagram food bloggers

1: foodie_anshul

A student who hails from Delhi, Anshul started his food blogging career by posting reviews on Zomato, TripAdvisor, and Google. He posts his reviews of food from different cities of North India and explores everywhere from street vendors to 5-star Hotels. His posts are very simple and appealing. He often has conversations with his followers in the comments section. With 48,300 followers, he is growing exponentially

2: dillifoods

Dilwalo ki Dilli cannot be blamed for producing such an epic page for the lovely food of Delhi NCR. It does not come across as a surprise that it is a Zomato level 11 foodie page. It regularly posts about the best food from every nook and corner of the city. Going through all the posts, you won’t understand why such a page isn’t more popularly known. Closing in on 16,000 followers, it is on the way to being one of the best, not only in Delhi but all over the country

3: tastingwithfingers

You cannot come across Ahmedabad and not think of the street food. And when you have an Amdavadi food blogger like Mahima, you are bound to get the best reviews and recommendations. She began posting reviews on Zomato and liked it so much, she decided to dedicate her Instagram page to food. She has traveled far and wide and is a big fan of the food of Himachal Pradesh, hence making her go there often. 46,100 do not do justice to what she has in store.

4: foodiedilse

With a massive outreach of 1,25,000 followers, Lokesh Kumar indulges in more than just-food. He travels all over the world in search of the best food and places there are. His love for food takes him everywhere from 5-star cuisines to street food to sweet shops and much more. He dreams to travel the world and taste every type of food there is. He is one of those that is never satisfied and always craves more, no matter what it is.

5: plates_of_flavor._

A food and lifestyle blogger, Akrithi Jain has taken it upon herself to carry the burden of vegetarian food blogging in India. Hailing from Chennai, she began reviewing restaurants on Zomato and gained a steady follower base. She regularly converses with her followers and even asks her opinions on the palaces she should try and review. She is closing in on 7,500 followers rapidly which shows that she is still growing

6: foodiee_kudi

How can you have food blogging and not have someone from Mumbai? Nikita Salve has been going to all places that offer food for as long as she can remember. She has reviewed almost every type of cuisine available in Mumbai be it in hotels, at stalls or by the beach. She has a true passion for food and is often goes to new cafés to meet new people. people. With a fan base of almost 12,000 followers, she is weaving her way to the top

7: thefoodiequila

There are people who believe that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and that stands true in the case of Vishal. A level 11 Zomato foodie, he often goes on trips across Delhi NCR to discover the best food there is to eat. He is a witty and fun loving guy who isn’t afraid of any food challenge. He is definitely on the path to being a great food reviewer in India. Thus, a dedicated follower base of 16,700 followers is growing stronger by the day.

8: whaaatislife

A person who believes doesn’t eat to live but lives to eat, Gurleen believes
the answer to every question is FOOD whether she is sad, happy, angry or just
bored. It puts a smile on her face and hence, she loves to eat. A level 5
TripAdvisor expert, she is a verified LBB wanderer. She has reviewed everything
from street food to 5 star hotel dinners. She has a strong follower base of
55,700 followers and is always looking for a challenge if you have one.

9: thedesihoggers

Mumbai is known for its street food. What it is not known for yet, it being covered place-to-place, corner-to-corner by Abhishek Jain, aka thedesihoggers on Instagram. He has left no stoned turned in his quest to discover and bring to you the best food within the city. His Instagram feed is enough to make you hungry. With a strong fan base of 61,200 followers, he is one of the Indian food bloggers to look out for.

10: foodiepediamumbai

If you live in Mumbai and are looking for the perfect page to review
continental and sweet food, foodiepediamumbai is where you come. Managed by
Mrunal Desai, the page regularly reviews the best and delicious food in Mumbai.
Mrunal often shares images of the loveliest sweet dishes, ones that can give
diabetes just by being looked at, A level 4 TripAdvisor expert, she has 36,100
followers and is already giving competitors a run for their money.

11: foodiesground

If you’re looking for excellent pictures of mouth-drooling food, Hitesh
Bedbansi is the guy for you. A Google level 7 and Zomato level 11 foodie, he
likes to try new food every day. He roams across Mumbai to find out if there is
any place he hasn’t eaten at. His pictures are so good that one cannot help but
wonder why they can’t eat it from the image. He is also fond of trying drinks
and doesn’t let himself stop. With a follower base of 10,200 followers, he is
surely one of the icons to look out for.

In conclusion, food blogging is not as easy as it seems. Scrolling through
instagram and looking at these people’s posts make us wonder how easy their
life is. However, all that glitters is not gold. These people try everything
but it can come at a price. For instance, they might eat some unhygienic street
food without knowledge and fall sick in their quest for adventure. They say if
you do anything for a long time, you get bored of it. It is the dedication they
show, and love they get from their followers that makes them get up, go to
where they want to eat and order what they want to taste and review. Above all,
these people make a commendable effort to be who they are. Therefore, they are
the top 11 Instagram food bloggers from India.

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