What do you know about Chennai? This city is popular for its heritage and culture. But, do you know Chennai is a place which has got every amazing food variety? From spice to sweet, you can find all the flavors for a perfect savory. The heritage city has got amazing places to try Street Food in Chennai along with amazing places to visit. Be it Street Food or some authentic eatery items, this city never disappoints food lovers. Here is a list of amazing places to try street food in Chennai.

Kakada Ram Prasad

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

The chaats at the display welcome you even from far away. The display is so attractive and appealing that it becomes tough to resist the craving for Street Food in Chennai. The aroma will make your day a good one. Apart from serving delicious chaats, you can visit this place if you have a sweet tooth. You will be offered some extravagant sweets. You must try the satisfying Badam Milk, that top the list of favorites among the local people. This place has a special place in the hearts of Gujarati people. They are never disappointed by the tasted of Gujarati snacks served here.

Where to visit: 348/343, Mini Street, Sowcarpet, Nr Jain Temple, Elephant Gate, George Town, Chennai

Contact: +044 2538 2851

Second Lane Beach Road

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

Do you know the story behind the Burma Bazar? It is said that it has got its name from several immigrants. They are said to shift from Burma to this city several years ago. Just a few meters ahead of Burma Bazar is an amazing Food Street in Chennai. There are several good places to have Street Food in Chennai at the 2nd lane beach road. The yummy food will stay in your memories forever. The specialty is the Athouk, which is a very popular salad from the Burma people. It has the option of eating with boiled eggs or Burmese soap, called Mohinga.

Where to visit: 2nd Lane Road, Mannady, George Town, Chennai

Bombay Lassi

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

Situated in a tight lane, this place is famous for the best Street Food in Chennai. This joint is at a prime Chennai location, right behind the Devi Theatre. You will not be able to resist your hunger by the aroma of hot and fresh samosas. There is no such proper sitting arrangement, but still, customers from all over the city come to taste the special Street Food in Chennai at this place. Some other specialties are finger-licking rabdi, kachori, jalebi and the yummy sweet lassi. 

Where to visit: No 7, BarbarAgan Street, Ellis Road, Near Mount Road, Behind Devi Theatre, Border Thottam, Padupakkam, Triplicane, Chennai

Contact: +044 2851 0364


Yummy Street Food in Chennai

Can you wonder what does the name signify? People experts in Tamil language will know that Jannal is the lingual word for the window. This decent place of serving Street Food in Chennai is just a window. You will find the address in a busy narrow lane. People visit this place to taste the best Street Food in Chennai, on their way to Kapaleswara temple. But people and customers have always appreciated the service and the quality of the Street Food in Chennai at this place. It got famous initially for the special Bhajjis and Bondas, but now they have a wide range of options to serve. The timing is limited and the material gets finished quite early. The food will not fail to impress you. Additionally, you will be amazed by the functioning and management of this place. 

Where to visit: 12, 1, PonnambalaVadhyar St, Vinayaka Nagar Colony, Mylapore, Chennai

Anmol MohitLassi

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

You will be impressed by the street food in Chennai at Anmol MohitLassi Point. Though the place is small, but it is one of the most frequently visited customers to taste the best Street Food in Chennai. You will not be able to find such tasty Kherlassi anywhere else in the world. It will be a treat for your taste buds in the hot and humid weather of Chennai. This should be a must place in your checklists while visiting Chennai. 

Where to visit: #343, South Mint Street, Elephant Gate, George Town, Elephant Gate, George Town, Chennai

Contact: +098405 12252

Kaalathi News Mart

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

Kaalathi News Mart is an iconic place in itself. It is a kind of shop in a hole. Apart from the best street food in Chennai that it serves, you will feel blessed by tasting the best Rose Milk at this point. Visiting this place in the morning and tasting the Street Food in Chennai is a perfect way to start your day. A huge line of visitors will greet you in front of the shop. This will give you an idea about the popularity of the shop. 


Where to visit: #343, South Mint Street, Elephant Gate, George Town, Elephant Gate, George Town, Chennai

Alsa Mall Bread Omelet

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

Do you want a place to hang out with friends in the hot climate of Chennai? A small stall outside the famous Alsa Mall on Egmore, can be your hanging spot. They serve amazing Street Food in Chennai. College students are a fan of their Sandwiches. This Food Street in Chennai provided mouth-watering food. The eatery gives relief, no matter what the weather is. They have a wide range of options to combine with rainy days, sunny days, and hot humid days. The combination of green chutney and the rich omelet has a special place in egg lovers of the city. Chilli Cheese Toast and Grilled Sandwiches will leave you in love with Street Food in Chennai. 

Where to visit: Alsa Mall, Montieth Rd, Egmore, Chennai

Contact: +084289 78280

Links Purasawalkkam

Yummy Street Food in Chennai

Spread across various cities and in different parts of Chennai, people visit this place to taste the Street Food in Chennai. This street stall initially started in Chennai. The first branch was in Purasawalkkam. The success and the popularity encouraged to expand the business. Local people recommend trying various dishes from the place. The taste of tomato, Cucumber, Onion, and Murukku served with Green Chutney will stay with you forever. 

Where to visit: Arihant Apartment, 22/4, Opposite Dharma Prakash, Raja Annamalai Rd, Purasaiwakkam, Chennai

Contact: +044 4204 1734


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