MUMBAI: When you hear Mumbai, the first thing that comes to your mind after Marine Drive is its street food. Mumbai, the finance capital, is known for its best kinds of varieties of street food serve with authentic preparations as well as fusions, because we Mumbaikar’s are just not satisfied with the regular style of food preparation.

Mumbai rains is something everyone cribs about. But one can never take the chance of missing the street delicacies which is soul satisfying. 

Although its lockdown and we cannot enjoy our favourite dishes, we can at least have a list of things to eat once the lockdown is lifted right?

Below is a list of all the kinds of food you would find on the streets of Mumbai:

Cutting Chai

We all know about hustle and bustle in the city. But do you know where people get all the energy from to keep running all day? The secret is ‘Cutting Chai’. Mornings for a Mumbaikar are just incomplete without a cutting chai and Parle G. While walking the streets of Mumbai, if you smell adrak wali chai, do stop by and try out the taste of Mumbai when you visit next.


Bhaiya ek plate samosa dena. We are all missing to say these golden words right? Mumbai street samosas are not just an evening snack but enjoyed all day. You will find a samosa shop in every 2 kms and railways stations are just incomplete without samosa pav. Mumbai Street Food’s Samosa with tamrid chutney gives a perfect mixture of tangy and spicy flavour. Not just this, Samosa chaat with yogurt, mint and tamrid chutney are equally famous. Gurukrupa located in Sion serves the best piping hot samosa and has been around for more than a decade. 

Crispy Pakodas

The next best combination with chai is crispy hot pakodas also commonly known as bhajiyas. Want to know the varieties served on the streets of Mumbai? Aloo bhajiya, kanda bhajiya, methi bhajiya, and many more. True-blue lovers of cheese will appreciate its existence in any form, and that extends to the Indian pakoda avatar as well. A huge dollop of cheese is first rolled into a batter, and then deep fried – what could be more comforting than that? You’ll find this snack at Oye Kake, the dhaba-style restaurant in Lower Parel.


Next on the Mumbai Street Food’s list is Lassi is a sweet liquid form of yogurt that people usually prefer as dessert after having something hot and spicy. One of the most versatile drinks available out there, Lassi is a Punjabi drink that has a really creamy texture. It’s a refreshing summer drink that is not just tasty, but healthy too. Drinking a glass of Lassi can actually help you with digestion and can reduce stomach bloating. Kailash Mandir Lassi and Sweets is one of the oldest sweet shops in Dadar. It is quite well-known for its thick, creamy Lassis too that come in more than 8 different flavours.

Pav Bhaji 

Pav Bhaji is a sentimental dish for Mumbaikars. With the range of places serving it, it’s hard to arrive at a definitive list of places that you get the best Pav Bhajis in Mumbai because the list is just never ending. Bhagwati ranks the top list of best Pav Bhaji in Mumbai, followed by Amar Juice Centre and Sardar Pav Bhaji. Bhagwati now has many outlets, but the one in Borivali is the oldest and favourite of all. Mumbai also has varieties of Pav Bhaji like Cheese Pav Bhaji, Carbon Pav Bhaji, Kolhapuri Pav Bhaji, Khada Pav Bhaji and lots more.

Elco Pani Puri

For all those times when we have mixed cravings of eating something sweet, spicy and chatpatta, Pani Puri is the answer. Bhaiya ek sukha puri dena, well I am totally missing the golgappas with onions and extra puri. Elco Market in Bandra is famous in Mumbai for its Pani Puri and amust try Mumbai Street Food. It serves with chickpeas and moong, the choice is yours. Also, it is very easy to find a chat outlet in Mumbai that serves Pani Puri. There are special Pani Puri stalls also easily found in every corner of the lane. 

Ice Gola

Mumbai Chowpatty or Juhu Beach visit is incomplete without having Gola. Summers and Gola are the best combinations. As soon as the summer season begins, gola sellers are out with their colourful stall, moving around lanes and attracting the kids.

Ice served with almost 100 varieties of flavours is not less than a talent. Kala Khatta is the most favourite, the 90’s kids reading kids will surely have a walk back the memory lane. 

Not only this, gola’s also come with fusions in ice cream and kulfi which I bet is impossible for one person to finish it all. Commonly known as Malai Gola, you can find it at Juhu Beach anytime of the year.


Even though Dosa is orginated from South India, we Mumbaikars can create anything into a fusion and sell under the name of Mumbai’s Special. Have you ever heard of Chinese Dosa, Maggie Dosa, Pav Bhaji Dosa, Chocolate Dosa, Jini Dosa? You will not only commonly hear but also get a chance to try them out in Mumbai. Almost every Dosa outlet in Mumbai serves minimum 20 varieties of Dosa. Yes, you read that right, ‘20 minimum’. And the coconut chutney is a delight to the tasty masaledar Dosa. One can find Dosa outlets near almost every college in Mumbai now and trust me, they are all delicious. 

Vada Pav

Last but not the least, on the best Mumbai Street Food is Mumbai’s special Vada Pav alternatively spelt vada pao, wada pav, or wada pao, is a vegetarian fast food dish native to the state of Maharashtra. Vada Pav with sukha coconut chutney is the authentic style of having a Vada Pav. There is no season or even a specific time in a day to have this dish. Feeling hungry? Grab a Vada Pav. Wanna eat something light? Grab a Vada Pav. Even though the vada is deep fried, it does not feel very heavy after eating. Ashok Vada Pav is a small stall in Dadar and is one of Mumbai’s oldest and most popular vada pav joints. Set up by Ashok Thakur over 35 years ago, the stall serves thousands of customers on a daily basis.

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