Famous Bengali Sweets: Everyone has a sweet tooth no matter if one is a foodie or not. Available in fascinating hues and delectable taste, no doubt it’s hard to deny a sweet dish. While talking about the richness of flavours and satisfying your temptation, Bengali sweets are the top scorer. Known for its rich culture, Bengali sweets are incomparable and exceptionally famous due to its innovative creations of sweetmeats and finest choices of textures and tastes. That’s why it’s often said to have a Bengali friend. So, if you’re ever planning to pay a visit to West Bengal, then do delight your taste buds with these 10 best enticing bundles of happiness.

Top 10 Famous Bengali Sweets


Famous bengali sweets

 To savour your sweet tooth after a sumptuous dinner, this dry Bengali sweet is a heart stealer. Made with the essence of sugar/jaggery and condensed milk, this famous delicacy calls for happiness with its trendy fusion of flavours with chocolate, mango and pista. Moreover, it is moulded into different shapes, which makes it difficult to say no to. So, do not forget to devour yourself into the sweetness of this best delight.


best bengali sweets

 Roshogolla is one of the most famous Bengali sweets among every age group. Originated in East India, this popular savoury has become every household favourite sweet dish to emblazon one’s festivity with. This cute little chhena dumplings simmered in sugary syrup make your taste buds go crazy once tasted. Wanna dive into its temptation, go figure out!

Kheer Kadam

 Imagine opening a candy and getting two sweetness in a single wrapping, that’s a bit of absolute blissful luck! What if such heart-melting surprises you may found every time in a sweet dish, that’s when Kheer Kadam comes in a picture. This famous two-layered savoury is an absolute day maker. Adorn with grated khoya and powdered sugar from the outside and embosom with tiny chhena spheres from the inside makes it a must-try exotic Bengali sweet.

Chanar Jilapi

Have you had typical jalebi and curd as a breakfast, which makes you a total jalebi fan? If yes, then get ready to submerge into the magic of another version of jalebi- Chanar Jilapi. Prepared with chhena, khoya and flour, this spiral-shaped brown dessert brings you to have a new experience of its delicious taste if eaten warm and fresh. It’s a must add on to your favourite sweet dish list. Go and try!

Mishti Doi


Do you want to taste the richnes of Best Bengali sweets? Then, start with its classic masterpiece- Mishti Doi. This toothsome delight prepared with condensed milk and caramelized sugar makes your heart melt with its every bite. Served in a sand-clay cups, this heavenly elixir is truly the best gift bestowed to humans by God.

Labongo Latika

The roads connecting with the culture and the tradition of a region always go through food. In Bengal, Labongo Latika opens the way to associate yourself with its grandeur of every festivity’s special. Cooked with patience and perfection, this artful creation isn’t easy to make. Just like a gift-wrapped box, this popular Bengali dessert is made of all-purpose flour cocooned with a fusion of khoya, grated coconuts, nuts and cardamom, which is then crimped into a pastry and sealed with a clove. Fried and dipped in sugar syrup to add flavour and colour, this lip-smacking delicacy is a benchmark of Bengali sweets.

Malai Chomchom

If you want to spellbound yourself by the magic of paradise, this sweetmeat will surely give you that best feeling. This juicy confectionery made of flour, coconut, cream, sugar and saffron makes you sink your teeth into its delectable taste and forget about your calories. Adding hues of brown, this oval-shaped sweetness is popular in every Bengali’s household, which gives it a definite thumbs-up to try.


 Ledikeni, also known as Lady Kenny is one of the best Bengali sweets, which is winning everyone’s heart since the British Rule. These sugary little fried reddish-brown balls are prepared with chhena and poured in sugar syrup to add rich texture in its every granule. Made in the honour of Lady Canning, the wife of Charles Canning, the Governor-General of India during the 19th century, no wonder why this delight carries a great popularity with it. If you don’t believe, then go and try it by yourself!

Nolen Gurer Payesh

No celebration feels complete without a delicious kheer. If you wish to make your day extraordinary in Bengal streets, then get your hands on this amazing version of kheer or rice pudding – Payesh. Prepared with date palm, jaggery and rice, this mouth-watering dessert’s taste isn’t easy to forget. Decorated with dry fruits, cardamom and nuts, it is beautiful to look and feels divine to eat.

Shor Bhaja

If you long to immerse yourself into the kingdom of sweetness, then do take a bite of this delicious delight. This small pocket of wonders is made of deep-fried milk cream, whose fried pieces are soaked in sugar syrup. It is delicate to create and needs expert skills and patience to deliver a perfect dessert. That’s why, it is one of the best & famous Bengali sweets your taste buds can ever taste. Must try!

Above mentioned are one of the best & famous Bengali sweets that you can try. Try any one of them and let us know your review in the comment section box.


Amriti, the best one in other famous Bengali sweets means the food of gods or ‘manna’ and it very sure that the dessert will never disappoint you. It is very similar to jalebi but is designed in spirals along with curlicues at the edges. The sweet dish is made of sugar, ground dal and cardamom and as the heart of Bengalis.  


One of the very favorite and best Bengali sweets is Patishapta. It consists of delicious crepe enveloping a coconut, cardamom, khoya, dry fruits, and jaggery. The sweet is festival favorite and mostly consumed during seasonal and harvest-related festivals among Bengalis 

FAQ’s related to Famous Bengali Sweets

  1. Are these sweets available only in Bengal?
    Ans. Not at all! These sweets are made and available all over India. You just need to find the nearest Bengali sweet shop near your locality and get the yummy desert you crave!
  2. Can these sweets be prepared at home?
    Ans. Yes, if you have the correct ingredients, a sincere cooking mind and unmatched dedication, you can make these at your home and enjoy them with your family.
  3. How do we know if these sweets are the best?
    Ans. We conducted an online survey and did a research that concluded with these bengali sweets being classified the best.

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