The whizzing market and delicious aromas of the street all around are one of the major specialties of Delhi. From gym freaks to big-time foodies, Delhi’s street food covers everybody’s appetite. The best part is you can afford most of them without a hole in your pocket.

So, when your stomach demands something delicious, get out to these places serving the most amazing food. 

1. Butter chicken, Jama Masjid


Aslam Chicken Corner serves finger-licking chicken and is one of the best places to enjoy the best street food in Delhi. A hub for chicken lovers offers amazingly cooked smoky chicken rich in butter, cream, and spices. Aslam chicken corner has been in the play for sixteen years, having Butter chicken and chicken kebabs as their best dishes. 

People actually want to know their secret spices and despite having such a small menu, they are the game changers in the market. 

2. Daulat ki chaat, Chandni Chowk

Daulat ki chaat

Who has not heard about this iconic food, must try when in Delhi. Daulat ki chaat is a magical dessert but only served in winters. It is made of foam of cold churned milk, the milk is left to set in the morning dew and the chaat is served with ‘karara’. Adding to this, it has khoya, pasta, milk cream, and paneer. You will get this everywhere around Chandni Chowk if you decide to visit the place in winter. 

3. Pav Bhaji, Model Town

 Pav Bhaji

New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji is a shop in Model Town serving amazing Pav bhaji at a reasonable price. The place is always liked by students as it is near to Delhi University’s North Campus. The Pav bhaji is spicy and buttery, it is first prepared and then served with delicious, spicy bhaji along with fresh coriander. Something that makes the pav bhaji more special is its little spicy taste and a plate is enough for two. Arjun Pav Bhaji also has a very liked Vada Pao and Pulao. 

4. Chur Chur Naan, Moolchand

chur chur naan

Even if you are a foodie and a traveler, you will not get this crazily delicious naan everywhere in the country. Sanjay chur chur naan at Moolchand is remembered for their quality naan and you can afford them just with your pocket money. The naan has crisped paneer stuffed inside with chole or daal and you get really tasty buttermilk with it. Yes, the combo is heavenly. Another street food that you can have a look at is Pyaaz Kulcha Thali when in Moolchand.

5. Chicken Paratha and Paneer Paratha, Qutub Institutional Area


It’s true that the best parathas are found in Dhabas and not in luxury hotels. Laxman Dhaba in the Qutub Institutional Area is the one serving huge delicious Paneer paratha in the city and is a students hub. Another very famous paratha you will be getting here is the chicken paratha that’s mouth-watering. 

These are the best five places in Delhi where you will be getting the best street food. We will be coming up with another section soon. 

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