Do you want to shake and stir things up in your bartending career? Do you want to be considered an expert in your field?

If you wish to be a bartender worth your salt, then you may want to know what moves you can make to step up your game.

From joining a mixology class in Dubai, earning a professional certificate, or pouring hours into practice, read on and find out how you can concoct a sweet future in bartending for yourself.

A jigger, a nip, or a pony 

Bartending is a pretty demanding job. Sure, it does look fun and exciting, flipping bottles and filling flutes. Hobnobbing with bar regulars composed of celebrities and society’s who’s who looks glamorous, but unknown to many, bartending requires a lot of hard work and skills. 

Working behind the bar will surely test one’s communication, memory, and organizational skills. Add to that having the ability to maintain composure while dealing with different kinds of customers, and it can undoubtedly be a challenging job.

Some are called to the profession out of genuine interest, and many people find themselves drawn to the craft of formulating unique beverages. Some even go as far as competing in international bartending and mixology competitions.

Also, some bartenders want to up their game. To avoid getting their careers on the rocks, they take the effort to learn and improve in various ways. They go to esteemed culinary schools to get the knowledge necessary to develop their craft. They look for mentors, seek relevant work experience, or practice diligently until they are confident enough.

Those who clock in the time and commit to self-improvement are more likely to reap their labor’s sweet rewards. Some bartenders branch out and succeed in their chosen paths—some move on to become managers, chefs, or owners of their bars or restaurants.

Whether you just want to show off your bartending skills at your next family barbeque or man the mixology lab at the best grill restaurant in Dubai, it would be wise for you to exert effort in honing your skills. Here are some of the best ways that you can develop your skills in bartending:

1. Enroll in bartending classes

The ones who are serious about sharpening their skills in bartending choose to enroll in bartending classes. There are reputable culinary institutions that offer artisanal and professional courses. These courses help bartending enthusiasts learn about the craft and apply their knowledge to real-life situations.

To start, you can register in a dry mixology and bartending course. A certificate course like this will introduce you to the fundamentals of bartending and mixology.

In this course, students will learn about the art and science of mixology and bartending. They will gain a thorough understanding of the history bartending, equipment used, workflow and processes, among other things. 

There are also professional certificate courses for dry mixology and bartending for more experienced bartenders and mixologists. A more intensive course will teach them advanced mixology, bar management, and consumer engagement. Here, students can improve on how they mix, show, serve and socialize in bartending.

Aside from discovering the intricacies of molecular mixology, course participants will also delve deep into topics such as cost control, innovations and trends, menu design, and theatricality and showmanship.

2. Do research

Bartending and mixology enthusiasts can also improve their skills through research. Reading the right books on the subject can familiarize you with other concepts and techniques.

Similarly, you can also watch bartending and mixology tutorials given by renowned masters. Whether you do so online, on television, or through some other visual means, these can enhance your knowledge about the craft.

3. Get relevant exposure

A more in-depth kind of research is to apply for a bartending or mixology gig. Some amateur bartenders shadow bartending masters they admire. Others look for internships, part-time jobs, or full-time bartending positions.

This kind of exposure is valuable as it exposes you to real-life situations and having on-the-job training will undoubtedly contribute to developing your skills.

At the same time, getting relevant work experience can expand your network. You will get to encounter the best of the best in the industry, and you may even learn valuable tips and tricks from them. Doing so is also an excellent way to meet future employers or business partners. Moreover, you can include this experience in your resume.

4. Keep practicing 

They say that practice makes perfect. This Is why you need to keep on mixing and pouring until you get the hang of it. Practicing also helps keep you adept and updated with the techniques required to perfect your concoctions.

Bartenders who are also intent on displaying their flairtending skills will also need to practice. It’s not easy to exhibit incredible showmanship while twirling and tossing bottles or tumblers in front of people. That is why it will take numerous tries to get into the right groove and execute flawless routines.

5. Enjoy the experience

Lastly, you will not elevate your skills if your heart, mind, and soul are not really into bartending. Blending and creating thirst-quenching drinks takes dedication, and if you are not fully invested in the craft, then your efforts might just go to waste.

Enjoying something you do will make the experience worthwhile. Relish the time that you spend with your mixers and uplift your spirit with the thrill of discovering, concocting and naming a new drink, or perfecting a classic. 

When you are serious about refining your bartending or mixology skills, make an effort to gain more knowledge to deepen your understanding and appreciation for it.

Whether you’ll take formal bartending classes, immerse yourself in research, or go out and practice with the masters, what matters is your genuine interest as your sincere enthusiasm for bartending and mixology are crucial to make a career of it.

When you make a conscious effort to immerse yourself into the artistry of mixology and bartending, then the happier and more satisfied you will be.

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