12 latest Decor Ideas to Give Kitchen a Stylish Look

Nowadays the design of the kitchen is not the same as before, it has changed a lot. Currently, people pay more attention to hygiene while designing the kitchen, so that their family will get a healthy life. An attractive design keeps you in the kitchen. If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen, then take care of the points mentioned in this article. According to the latest trends, there should be fewer things in the kitchen, you can keep all the things which are less useful in the cabinet so that the kitchen is seen more spacious. Light and color also have an important role in decorating the kitchen. Let’s explore all the décor ideas in detail. 1. Keep items in the group This is the best way to keep things organized so that when you need those things while preparing food, you do not have to spend time finding them. One advantage of this is that the kitchen looks clean, stylish, and spacious and guests will not be able to live without praising the kitchen. Keeping the kitchen clean is a big task, but because of the idea of keeping things organized, dirt and germs do not spread in the kitchen. 2. Use of tray You will find the most scattered items in the kitchen on the countertop. The tray is the best option for this place. Place the same things in a tray like a knife tray separately. This will give you more space on the countertop to work and you will not have any problem with cleaning it too. By keeping things in-group gives a decorative feel and there is no problem in finding them. While choosing the tray, take special care that their size is correct according to the countertop and it can be easily adjusted, […] Read More

7 Romantic Weekend Dinner Date Ideas to Try in Dubai

Although Dubai doesn’t really have a global reputation for being a romantic destination, the City of Gold actually has abundant offerings ideal for couples who want to spend quality time together.  Therefore, if you are eyeing the weekend as an opportunity to be with your spouse or special someone, it should be easy enough to set a date if you’re in Dubai. Just be open-minded and explore the variety of options available. And, if you need some ideas to work with, listed below are seven highly recommended ones. Idea #1: Private Sunset Dinner in the Desert If you really want to play up the romance for this weekend, how about watching the sunset while having a gourmet dinner with the one you love? There are desert tour packages that are designed specifically for couples, which include the usual dune bashing or camel ride to a private location with a stunning setup for a dinner for two. You get your own chef, server, and entertainment. Plus, there are cuddle seats for watching the sunset. After dinner, you will be brought back to the city proper by a 4×4. This is a luxurious dining experience that for sure you and your partner will never forget. Idea #2: Private Dining at a Famous Restaurant If you are not really keen on an outdoor adventure, consider having brunch or dinner at a famous local restaurant. Reserve an exclusive room or table to have a private dining experience. This option is particularly great if you have something special in mind for your partner, like a proposal, perhaps, or a surprise party. You can even bring family and close friends for the romantic celebration (every now and then, it’s nice to have witnesses when you’re doing something special for the one you love) because exclusive rooms […] Read More

15 Best Restaurants For Candlelight Dinner In Bangalore

We all know the most favorite word we would like to hear after good food is ‘Je t’aime’. What is love if you can’t have the nicest candlelight dinner with your beau among the stars drinking some wine or champagne? If you are one cute couple fond of each other, growing for best destination to dates and hangouts, we have got you. These ten restaurants will definitely be your bucket-list accomplishments. Here are some of the best restaurants for candlelight dinner in Bangalore.   Best Restaurants for Candlelight Dinner in Bangalore 1. Blue Ginger Taj  This restaurant lies at Taj West End’s Bangalore and is one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in the city. The place has an open-air pavilion and you can have a romantic meal with a flavor of luxury. It has a pond surrounding the restaurant to enhance the beauty of the place. The best cuisine served by the restaurant is the Jasmine Rice with Chicken curry noodles along with Vietnamese chicken. Also, spring roll and asparagus soup are some of the wonderful tastes of the place.  Price- 3200 for two( Booking in advance is a must) Place- Taj West End, Bangalore 2. Persian Terrace  Persian terrace in Bangalore is a restaurant that is a gem of style and design. Each space is designed like a village house in Persia. The juxtaposition of a Classical style courtyard and modern design makes the building visually stimulating. Each space has intimate spaces where various local flora and fauna grow lushly. The core of the garden is the Persian mosque which is inlaid with floral arrangements. The drinking fountain in front of the restaurant is the very famous 3-legged Cone of Lebanon with 5 arches. The restaurant interior is elegant, soothing, and full of ambiance. The lights on the terraces add […] Read More

Best Romantic Cafe in Delhi To Visit This Valentine’s Day

Romantic cafe in Delhi: Romance is something that keeps the relationships intact and yes Valentine’s day is the perfect day to shower all the love and affection to your loved ones. Some couples spoil each other with lavish treatments while some find a peaceful escape looking at the sunset and holding hands. There’s no science when it comes to love, it’s pure and surreal. Ever been through a phase when you are not up with any exciting idea and Valentine’s day is at the corner? I am very sure the last and best idea you chose is to have a fancy dinner with a rooftop view or a nice club or your favorite music. And it’s true to the core that a dinner date is never out of style. Here are some of the romantic cafe in Delhi and nearby places where you can plan a date with your love: 1. Out of the Box: Delhi, known as the capital city of India has various exciting places where you can celebrate a wonderful valentine. One of the best cafes with great ambiance and vibrant atmosphere situated at Hauz Khas Village is ‘Out of the Box’. This place is uber cool and you should definitely visit for a super exciting Valentine celebration. Out of the Box cafe has two floors and a pretty roof terrace that has wooden decorations as well as beautiful furnishings with a lake view. Adding more flavor to the exotic drinks, you can enjoy live music with American, North Indian, Chinese and European dishes. It’s a super cool place to look out this Valentine. Location: 9A, Hauz Khas Fort Rd, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 2. Amalfi Amalfi is one of the best romantic cafe in Delhi when it comes to enjoying Valentine’s […] Read More

Instagram Food Bloggers: Meet the top 11 Instagram food bloggers from India.

When it comes to food, every person who uses Instagram posts pictures of the food they’re eating, what they like, etc. and hope to be food bloggers and garner likes and comments. However, when it comes to food blogging, there are only a select number of people who are truly food bloggers. In other words, it is not only about what they eat, but how they review and publish it that matters. In this post, let’s take a walk and get to know about the top Instagram food bloggers in India. Top 11 Instagram food bloggers 1: foodie_anshul A student who hails from Delhi, Anshul started his food blogging career by posting reviews on Zomato, TripAdvisor, and Google. He posts his reviews of food from different cities of North India and explores everywhere from street vendors to 5-star Hotels. His posts are very simple and appealing. He often has conversations with his followers in the comments section. With 48,300 followers, he is growing exponentially 2: dillifoods Dilwalo ki Dilli cannot be blamed for producing such an epic page for the lovely food of Delhi NCR. It does not come across as a surprise that it is a Zomato level 11 foodie page. It regularly posts about the best food from every nook and corner of the city. Going through all the posts, you won’t understand why such a page isn’t more popularly known. Closing in on 16,000 followers, it is on the way to being one of the best, not only in Delhi but all over the country 3: tastingwithfingers You cannot come across Ahmedabad and not think of the street food. And when you have an Amdavadi food blogger like Mahima, you are bound to get the best reviews and recommendations. She began posting reviews on Zomato and liked […] Read More

Food Festival in Delhi 2K19- ALL SET TO REJOICE DELHILITES 

FOOD FESTIVAL 2K19- ALL SET TO REJOICE DELHILITES   Food Festival in Delhi-A food lover can never miss a chance to taste and satisfy his taste buds with mouth-watering and lip-smacking food. And so the time has come for all the food lovers out there. the biggest food festivals are all set to hit our Delhi. This is a festival which is adored by every food lover. A time for every foodie to jump in joy. FOOD FESTIVAL OF DELHI 2019 Food Festival of Delhi is all set to make it come back with new and more surprises for all the food lovers and enthusiasts. Foodfest is an ace time for a food lover. It is a cherished time for every food enthusiasts. It allows them to binge all of the favorite food at a place. It is a moment of joy to have all that your favorite food in one place. With the arrival of winters, Food Festival in Delhi is also not far behind. A MOST AWAITED AND JOYFUL FEST THAT HAS SOMETHING FOR everyone is ready to make a comeback. 150 food stalls, 300 lip-smacking cuisines from all across the country amazing music, workshops, etc. The Food Festival in Delhihas everything that is desired by a foodie. To ensure that food lovers don’t miss even a single Food Festival in Delhi, we have made the list of top food festival along with there venues and month of their arrival. For all the foodies and food, lovers make your planner and plan your days in advance. Every Food Festival of Delhi is unique and special. None of this festival deserves to be missed. TOP Food Festival in Delhi It’s time for food fiesta for every food lover and foodie. FOod Festival of Delhihas varied options of food, drinks everything that sets […] Read More

3 Ways to Free Yourself from the Demons of Your Past

Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a series of different events, some of which might be unfortunate. Human brains often repress these events for a variety of reasons. However, just like an iceberg that is submerged in the water, these demons are submerged in your personality and play a huge role in our voluntary and involuntary actions. Freeing yourself from these repressed memories or demons is essential for your greater good, which is exactly what we are going to discuss today. Make Peace with Them  The first step of dealing with the demons of your past is to admit that they are there. You have to confront the dark parts of your life and banish them by making peace with them. By taking up the identity of a John Doe, you can rant on anonymous platforms and wrestle with your demons positively. Transform Your Demons You might think that your demons might be holding you down, but in reality, after you accept and make peace with them, you can transform them into bliss and joy. You should never become the person who buries his demons deep within himself and keeps repressing his emotions until it destroys him from the inside and the outside.  Practice Letting Go Now that you have learned how to make peace with your demons and transform them into something significant, you need to exercise letting go of things as your future depends on it. You have to accept that if you want to be happy in the future, you have to be content with yourself in the present. Anant khurana My name is Anant Khurana. I’m the Founder and SEO Strategist at TummyGotYummy. While pursuing my career in Digital marketing I came up with an idea of starting a food blog. Our aim is […] Read More

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Guide On Different Types Of Caregivers

Caregivers are the people who support the physical or mental health suffers who completely are in bed rest. People who will be busy with their work may not have time to see their parents who need complete bed rest. At that moment, there are several services provided by society to serve them, which is their professionals to do. They include all the services that they require in the day from morning to night that they help in every activity. If you are searching for Care Givers in Bangalore you have the best centres to visit for any services you want. You have permanent and temporary services to choose for various problems to see for your elderly parents.  In caregivers, there will be temporary and permanent ones which help in different ways to recover as soon as possible. The family members can choose according to their parent’s health issues. If they think the problem is severe and they cannot do themself then they can opt permanently to do all the work throughout their life till they live. Suppose you think it is a normal health condition and it will recover if they take care for some days then you can hire a temporary caretaker who provides medicines and healthy meals to recover.  Some of the different types of caregivers are given below: Family caregiver: According to one of the research, there are nearly 40.4 million free caregivers caring centres for aged people who are above 65. In this family caregiving, the services include for whole family members from children to grandparents and other relatives, friends as well as, even non-relatives. In a few families, a family might take care of more than parents and relatives. Long-distance caregivers will also be helpful by giving a useful guide to take specific medicines and meals to eat.  […] Read More

6 Best Tips for Creating the Perfect Minimalist Interior Design

The minimalistic approach for interior design has been a top priority for many people that want to design something modern. It seems like the clever use of simple natural colors, with few texture elements, has to power to create the ultimate minimalistic ambient. However, sometimes people have trouble approaching their interior design in a minimalistic way. Simple is the new way of modern living. That is why sometimes it is challenging to build something that is very simple and, at the same time,modern and elegant. In this article, we will go through some of the tips you need to follow in order to build the ultimate minimalist interior design in your home. 1. Choosing a Neutral Color Palette As we mentioned in the beginning, you cannot go for very striking or vibrant colors if you want to create a simple design. Choosing a neutral color palette for your walls is a must. Adding too much flavor to your room with different colors can only make the room feel more cluttered.  This doesn’t mean that you have to pick white or beige. There are still amazing neutral colors that can work well with your interior pieces.  2. Go for Timeless Pieces Trends are changing, and if you want to build an everlasting interior style, you have to go for timeless pieces. Choosing a brown comfy leather chair and a wooden coffee table might not seem modern, but they will be pieces that will look good for years to come.  Remember, if you go with modern trendy colorful pieces, they might be hard and expensive to replace when the trend passes. You can always spice up your living space by adding a few colored decorations. 3. Use Different Textures Since you are going with minimalist design and limited colors, the way to make your living space more exciting and modern is by adding different textures. You can choose crystal […] Read More