New Trends to Make Instant Coffee

Despite all the differences among people worldwide, we have some things that are the same everywhere you go. One of these universal things is the love for a good cup of java.  Regardless of our location in the world, most of us are starting our days with our favorite black magic potion – coffee. There are different types and methods of making coffee and everyone has something they prefer. Today we are going to talk about a type of java that causes different reactions in people – instant coffee.  This type that is also known as a coffee powder or coffee crystals is made in a way that people can drink it very quickly. Basically what you need to do is just put the hot or cold water over the coffee mix it and it is done. Now opinions about instant coffee are quite divided. Some people love it because preparation doesn’t take any effort whatsoever. Others, on the other hand, can’t stand the beverage and are saying that it isn’t even real coffee. In whichever of these 2 groups, you find yourself this text might be interesting to read because as you will see we will show you some cool ways how to make instant coffee that will certainly improve the taste and maybe change the way you feel about it. But before we go on we feel that it is necessary to emphasize that it isn’t just about making. The quality of your beverage will depend on the quality of the coffee itself as well, you have to make sure to buy the best instant coffee. How to Make Instant Coffee Better Cinnamon Cinnamon is truly a magic spice. Whether you add it to a meal or sweets it gives a different perspective to food. Well, it is […] Read More

Top 10 Benefits Of Coffee

You, me and everybody like coffee. It’s true, right? Its one of the most popular beverages and has been in the run for so long. Some take it as a routine and some prefer at times and there are people who are addicted to this drink.  Here are the top 10 benefits of including coffee in your daily routine: 1. It Burns Fat Coffee drinkers, it’s a piece of good news for you guys are your favorite drink helps in burning fat and you can hit two spots at the very same time. Caffeine, the basic content of coffee is also present in almost every fat-burning supplement even in gym diets. Most of the natural substances that help in decreasing the fat in your body contain caffeine.   The studies also show some beverage health benefits including that the presence of caffeine burns fat in obese individuals but at the same time, overuse of caffeine is harmful.  2. Reduces diabetes  Studies show that drinking coffee reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes. Yes, the benefits of coffee include the increased secretion of insulin in the human body. According to studies, 23-50% of people with type 2 diabetes can be out of danger if they have regular coffee.   It is one of the most arising diseases and millions of people are facing the disease worldwide but yes it can be cured that too having the most sorted drink.  3.Protect your liver  The liver is one of the most essential organs in the human body and it actually can have infections if not treated right. Not all of us know this but having coffee can actually prevent several liver diseases. One of the common diseases cirrhosis can be cured by coffee and according to reports people who drink four or more cups of […] Read More

5 Vegan breakfast you can have in 15 minutes

Whenever you think about having a perfect vegan breakfast, more than a few times you end with oatmeal or a smoothie. When it comes to cooking all by yourself, you always think how long will it take and what could I make in the shortest time? To cover up your hunger that too healthily and full of taste, yes there are various vegan breakfast that you can have. and here are some benefits of homemade food that you must know. A healthy breakfast should always be your priority as it is the first food of the day. Nobody has a perfect day when they leave the room hungry or dehydrated which actually ensures that you should have an easy vegan breakfast. And something to be noted, do not listen to people who say ‘Vegans don’t have options’. So, here are five vegan breakfast you can cook in just 15 minutes. 1. Vegan Scrambled egg Yes, eggs are now a part of vegan food after the invention of the first vegan eggs. And who doesn’t like a dish that involves the benefits and that extra soothing taste of the eggs? So, you can have vegan scrambled eggs. The scrambled egg will also contain tofu, granulated garlic, turmeric, salt, pepper, yeast, and granulated onions. You just have to boil the eggs and mix all the ingredients with the scrambled eggs. So, move ahead of omelette and try this dish.  2. Quinoa strawberry bowl Since childhood, most of us are habituated by having cereal with milk as our favorite breakfast. It’s our go-to food and also it’s easy to prepare as you just to take the cereal and add milk to it and enjoy. But what if you need to add a little flavor to your regular cereal breakfast? To bring spice to […] Read More

A ‘Chatpata’ Guide To The Best Street Food In Delhi

The whizzing market and delicious aromas of the street all around are one of the major specialties of Delhi. From gym freaks to big-time foodies, Delhi’s street food covers everybody’s appetite. The best part is you can afford most of them without a hole in your pocket. So, when your stomach demands something delicious, get out to these places serving the most amazing food.  1. Butter chicken, Jama Masjid Aslam Chicken Corner serves finger-licking chicken and is one of the best places to enjoy the best street food in Delhi. A hub for chicken lovers offers amazingly cooked smoky chicken rich in butter, cream, and spices. Aslam chicken corner has been in the play for sixteen years, having Butter chicken and chicken kebabs as their best dishes.  People actually want to know their secret spices and despite having such a small menu, they are the game changers in the market.  2. Daulat ki chaat, Chandni Chowk Who has not heard about this iconic food, must try when in Delhi. Daulat ki chaat is a magical dessert but only served in winters. It is made of foam of cold churned milk, the milk is left to set in the morning dew and the chaat is served with ‘karara’. Adding to this, it has khoya, pasta, milk cream, and paneer. You will get this everywhere around Chandni Chowk if you decide to visit the place in winter.  3. Pav Bhaji, Model Town New Arjun Bombay Pav Bhaji is a shop in Model Town serving amazing Pav bhaji at a reasonable price. The place is always liked by students as it is near to Delhi University’s North Campus. The Pav bhaji is spicy and buttery, it is first prepared and then served with delicious, spicy bhaji along with fresh coriander. Something that makes […] Read More

Best Romantic Cafe in Delhi To Visit This Valentine’s Day

Romantic cafe in Delhi: Romance is something that keeps the relationships intact and yes Valentine’s day is the perfect day to shower all the love and affection to your loved ones. Some couples spoil each other with lavish treatments while some find a peaceful escape looking at the sunset and holding hands. There’s no science when it comes to love, it’s pure and surreal. Ever been through a phase when you are not up with any exciting idea and Valentine’s day is at the corner? I am very sure the last and best idea you chose is to have a fancy dinner with a rooftop view or a nice club or your favorite music. And it’s true to the core that a dinner date is never out of style. Here are some of the romantic cafe in Delhi and nearby places where you can plan a date with your love: 1. Out of the Box: Delhi, known as the capital city of India has various exciting places where you can celebrate a wonderful valentine. One of the best cafes with great ambiance and vibrant atmosphere situated at Hauz Khas Village is ‘Out of the Box’. This place is uber cool and you should definitely visit for a super exciting Valentine celebration. Out of the Box cafe has two floors and a pretty roof terrace that has wooden decorations as well as beautiful furnishings with a lake view. Adding more flavor to the exotic drinks, you can enjoy live music with American, North Indian, Chinese and European dishes. It’s a super cool place to look out this Valentine. Location: 9A, Hauz Khas Fort Rd, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 2. Amalfi Amalfi is one of the best romantic cafe in Delhi when it comes to enjoying Valentine’s […] Read More

Instagram Food Bloggers: Meet the top 11 Instagram food bloggers from India.

When it comes to food, every person who uses Instagram posts pictures of the food they’re eating, what they like, etc. and hope to be food bloggers and garner likes and comments. However, when it comes to food blogging, there are only a select number of people who are truly food bloggers. In other words, it is not only about what they eat, but how they review and publish it that matters. In this post, let’s take a walk and get to know about the top Instagram food bloggers in India. Top 11 Instagram food bloggers 1: foodie_anshul A student who hails from Delhi, Anshul started his food blogging career by posting reviews on Zomato, TripAdvisor, and Google. He posts his reviews of food from different cities of North India and explores everywhere from street vendors to 5-star Hotels. His posts are very simple and appealing. He often has conversations with his followers in the comments section. With 48,300 followers, he is growing exponentially 2: dillifoods Dilwalo ki Dilli cannot be blamed for producing such an epic page for the lovely food of Delhi NCR. It does not come across as a surprise that it is a Zomato level 11 foodie page. It regularly posts about the best food from every nook and corner of the city. Going through all the posts, you won’t understand why such a page isn’t more popularly known. Closing in on 16,000 followers, it is on the way to being one of the best, not only in Delhi but all over the country 3: tastingwithfingers You cannot come across Ahmedabad and not think of the street food. And when you have an Amdavadi food blogger like Mahima, you are bound to get the best reviews and recommendations. She began posting reviews on Zomato and liked […] Read More

Food Festival in Delhi 2K19- ALL SET TO REJOICE DELHILITES 

FOOD FESTIVAL 2K19- ALL SET TO REJOICE DELHILITES   Food Festival in Delhi-A food lover can never miss a chance to taste and satisfy his taste buds with mouth-watering and lip-smacking food. And so the time has come for all the food lovers out there. the biggest food festivals are all set to hit our Delhi. This is a festival which is adored by every food lover. A time for every foodie to jump in joy. FOOD FESTIVAL OF DELHI 2019 Food Festival of Delhi is all set to make it come back with new and more surprises for all the food lovers and enthusiasts. Foodfest is an ace time for a food lover. It is a cherished time for every food enthusiasts. It allows them to binge all of the favorite food at a place. It is a moment of joy to have all that your favorite food in one place. With the arrival of winters, Food Festival in Delhi is also not far behind. A MOST AWAITED AND JOYFUL FEST THAT HAS SOMETHING FOR everyone is ready to make a comeback. 150 food stalls, 300 lip-smacking cuisines from all across the country amazing music, workshops, etc. The Food Festival in Delhihas everything that is desired by a foodie. To ensure that food lovers don’t miss even a single Food Festival in Delhi, we have made the list of top food festival along with there venues and month of their arrival. For all the foodies and food, lovers make your planner and plan your days in advance. Every Food Festival of Delhi is unique and special. None of this festival deserves to be missed. TOP Food Festival in Delhi It’s time for food fiesta for every food lover and foodie. FOod Festival of Delhihas varied options of food, drinks everything that sets […] Read More

Best Veg Platter For You And Your Companions To Grab In Delhi

Hunt for different dishes in Delhi never stops! Delhi is a hub of multiple cuisines, dishes, and desserts since ages. The kind of variety you get here is nowhere to be found because there is hardly any dish or food item that can’t be found here. If you are a vegetarian and want to give a try to a really good veg platter, then do not miss a single chance to hit the inevitable restaurants and stalls that will serve you with your desires in food. So, are you ready to hit the places to enjoy the best veg platter in Delhi? If yes, then here is the list you must check out before hunting for one. Stops for Best Veg Platter in Delhi #1 QD’s QD’s has always been the favorite spot for students to hangout. The wall interior of this café is very overwhelming. The best part is that you do not have to worry about the price of any dish. The prices are pocket-friendly that would let you have the tastiest and best tandoori platter in Delhi. The staff members at this restaurant serve everyone with full courtesy. And one more thing, do not forget to order the signature dish here that is Tandoori Momos. Otherwise, you will miss the fun and taste out here. Hit this café now! Where: 2520, 1st Floor, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, University Enclave, GTB Nager, New DelhiA-47, Gurunanakpura, Lakshmi Nagar, Near Metro Station, Vikas Marg, New Delhi294, Satyaniketan Market, Near Venkateshwara College, Satya Niketan, New Delhi #2 100% Rock An exquisite place with rooftop arrangement is all you need to enjoy your evening. Here, you will get to see the incredible layout having the essence of classic rock music festival and sci-fi motion pictures like super heroes and predators. If you want […] Read More

World’s most expensive restaurants

Although the lottery is a game of chance, people have tried it and won massive amounts of money. In case you participate and win, you may want to treat yourself well by accessing the luxuries that you would not think of while struggling with life. One of the places that you may think of visiting is a Michelin-star restaurant where you can dine like a king or queen. The restaurants to go to if you win the lottery and many. However, if you want to access top-notch services, keep reading this blog to understand the world-class restaurants you can visit after winning the lottery. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant: Maldives US$320 per person Located in Rangali Island in the Maldives, Ithaa is an outstanding undersea restaurant that allows you to dine while taking the amazing view of the coral garden. As a guest, you’ll be treated with a six-course lunch and dinner, highlighting the modern European cuisine that comes with wine. The lowest amount you can spend for a meal is $320. You can reach the joint if you’re a guest of Conrad Rangali, a classic resort on the island.  Sublimotion-Ibiza, Spain  This is one of the top-notch joints in the world managed by Michelin 2-star chef Paco Roncero. In 2014, the hotel received an award for being the Best Innovation Food & Beverage. Among its key menu highlights are 20 food tasting entrees and 12 outstanding dinners per table. For dinner only, you’ll have to use $2,000. The hotel is operational only during summer, from June to September. MASA-New York, USA This is a Japanese hotel founded by Chef Masa Takayama in 2004. The eatery is located in Manhattan and offers an extraordinary dining experience that goes for $595. When you add beverages and taxes, the cost can really go high. In case […] Read More


Most of the people want to know why some beer brands are the most top rated and most sold. In India people like old things, old brands etc. So, people here like the old taste more, the taste coming from generation to generation. here, people don’t want to try the new taste of new brands. just because of it some of the oldest beer brands are most top rated and most sold. So, here I’m discribing you my experience  about the top beer brands in India. TOP BEER BRANDS IN INDIA 1. KINGFISHER Kingfisher, The oldest and the most purest  beer brand  of India.  the taste is coming from generation to generation and its never changed. the brand was started in 1978.  In Kingfisher  some the beer brands are :  KINGFISHER PREMIUM KINGFISHER STRONG KINGFISHER ULTRA KINGFISHER ULTRA MAX  KINGFISHER STROM KINGFISHER BUZZ KINGFISHER BLUE But, currently in India there are only kingfisher premium, strong, ultra, ultra max are avilable. 2. CARLSBERG Are you beer body ready? Carlsberg , Probably the best beer in the world.  in pursuit of better beer brands, I came up to know about carlsberg . After trying carlsberg my mind changed about the beer according to me it’s really the best beer in the world.  the taste of beer is not always same because they constantly pursuit new ways to make it best beer brand among all the beer brands. 3. BUDWEISER Budweiser is the most premium brand used in alot of parties. moreover a proper Indian cocktail never get completed without opening a bottle of budweiser. budweiser not only leads in U.S. but it also leads in India, budweiser never ails to satisfy. currently in India 2 types of budweiser beer brands  are available:  BUDWEISER PREMIUM BUDWEISER MAGNUM Budweiser magnum comes with 5% of […] Read More