How to Step Up Your Skills in Bartending

Do you want to shake and stir things up in your bartending career? Do you want to be considered an expert in your field? If you wish to be a bartender worth your salt, then you may want to know what moves you can make to step up your game. From joining a mixology class in Dubai, earning a professional certificate, or pouring hours into practice, read on and find out how you can concoct a sweet future in bartending for yourself. A jigger, a nip, or a pony  Bartending is a pretty demanding job. Sure, it does look fun and exciting, flipping bottles and filling flutes. Hobnobbing with bar regulars composed of celebrities and society’s who’s who looks glamorous, but unknown to many, bartending requires a lot of hard work and skills.  Working behind the bar will surely test one’s communication, memory, and organizational skills. Add to that having the ability to maintain composure while dealing with different kinds of customers, and it can undoubtedly be a challenging job. Some are called to the profession out of genuine interest, and many people find themselves drawn to the craft of formulating unique beverages. Some even go as far as competing in international bartending and mixology competitions. Also, some bartenders want to up their game. To avoid getting their careers on the rocks, they take the effort to learn and improve in various ways. They go to esteemed culinary schools to get the knowledge necessary to develop their craft. They look for mentors, seek relevant work experience, or practice diligently until they are confident enough. Those who clock in the time and commit to self-improvement are more likely to reap their labor’s sweet rewards. Some bartenders branch out and succeed in their chosen paths—some move on to become managers, chefs, or […] Read More

5 Perfect Cocktails for Any Gathering

Dinner parties are the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family over a delicious home-cooked meal and drinks afterwards. Besides not having to worry about parking and crowds, you’ll be able to take things slow and really focus on having a good time with your guests. This is why, cocktails are the perfect accoutrement to any house or dinner party that you’re hosting with friends or family. From the classic mojito for those warm summer months to the comforting Bangalore Old-Fashioned during the monsoon, cocktails can really spice up a gathering. So ready up a pitcher and start blending some ice as we take you through 5 must-have cocktails that will have you itching for a drink. 1. Vodka Screwdriver Oftentimes, the best-tasting recipes are the simplest ones that highlight the quality and freshness of key ingredients. The vodka Screwdriver or simply known as the Screwdriver is one such example. Concocted by American oil workers toiling in the Persian Gulf, the Screwdriver is one of the world’s most popular cocktails and with good reason. Mix 1 part vodka with 2 parts orange juice, mix well, serve in a highball glass, pour over ice and voila; you’ll have a simple yet refreshingly delicious cocktail that’s perfect as an after dinner aperitif or a starter for an evening at home with friends. Forget the carton box variety orange juice and go with fresh-squeezed orange juice with the pulp for added flavour. Most vodkas would do in a pinch but this writer has had the best experience with Absolut and 42 Below.  2. Long Island Iced Tea Don’t let the name fool you, this tea packs a serious punch and should not be taken lightly.  To a highball glass, mix equal parts tequila, vodka, white rum, triple sec and gin together before […] Read More

Top benefits of Lemon Juice

Presently, you most likely realize that lemons can be terrible all alone, they’re ordinary in the kitchen and regularly utilized for preparing and cooking food.In any case, they shouldn’t simply be typical, they ought to be essential. Why? Since the juice in lemons is essentially your body’s saving quality. Look at the manners in which lemon juice can support your body. You’re certain to be surprised by some of them!Note: For whenever I mention drinking lemon juice, you don’t need to drink it straight! Add it to some water and consume it. 1. High in Vitamin C Indeed, you may definitely realize that lemon has vitamin C, yet do you know what amount? Since lemon juice has an extremely high measure of vitamin C, which could shield them from scurvy.Scurvy isn’t actually a problem presently, however it’s essential to get your day by day portion of Vitamin C consistently. One huge lemon contains 45 mg of Vitamin C (75% of your everyday requirement). 2. It fixes everything Indeed, perhaps not everything. However, lemons juice helps treat swine flu, the common cold, this current season’s flu, kidney stones, and ringing in the ears.Vitamin C can reinforce your immune system and keep different diseases under control… and, well, you definitely know how much vitamin C is in a lemon! 3. It helps in improving concentration As indicated by wellness and nourishment master Jay Cardiello, the insignificant scent of lemon oil can really improve your alertness and improving concentration. If you truly need to focus on something, take a stab at heating up some lemon juice mixed with water on your oven for an additional boost. 4. It’s a highlighter for the hair Who says lemon just has medical advantages? It has excellent benefits, as well!At the point when I was a child, […] Read More

New Trends to Make Instant Coffee

Despite all the differences among people worldwide, we have some things that are the same everywhere you go. One of these universal things is the love for a good cup of java.  Regardless of our location in the world, most of us are starting our days with our favorite black magic potion – coffee. There are different types and methods of making coffee and everyone has something they prefer. Today we are going to talk about a type of java that causes different reactions in people – instant coffee.  This type that is also known as a coffee powder or coffee crystals is made in a way that people can drink it very quickly. Basically what you need to do is just put the hot or cold water over the coffee mix it and it is done. Making green coffee also comes under instant coffee with weight loss benefits so you can get them by exploring premium green coffee benefits and price in India before buying and drinking them. Now opinions about instant coffee are quite divided. Some people love it because preparation doesn’t take any effort whatsoever. Others, on the other hand, can’t stand the beverage and are saying that it isn’t even real coffee. In whichever of these 2 groups, you find yourself this text might be interesting to read because as you will see we will show you some cool ways how to make instant coffee that will certainly improve the taste and maybe change the way you feel about it. But before we go on we feel that it is necessary to emphasize that it isn’t just about making. The quality of your beverage will depend on the quality of the coffee itself as well, you have to make sure to buy the best instant coffee. […] Read More

Top 10 Benefits Of Coffee

You, me and everybody like coffee. It’s true, right? Its one of the most popular beverages and has been in the run for so long. Some take it as a routine and some prefer at times and there are people who are addicted to this drink.  Here are the top 10 benefits of including coffee in your daily routine: 1. It Burns Fat Coffee drinkers, it’s a piece of good news for you guys are your favorite drink helps in burning fat and you can hit two spots at the very same time. Caffeine, the basic content of coffee is also present in almost every fat-burning supplement even in gym diets. Most of the natural substances that help in decreasing the fat in your body contain caffeine.   The studies also show some beverage health benefits including that the presence of caffeine burns fat in obese individuals but at the same time, overuse of caffeine is harmful.  2. Reduces diabetes  Studies show that drinking coffee reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes. Yes, the benefits of coffee include the increased secretion of insulin in the human body. According to studies, 23-50% of people with type 2 diabetes can be out of danger if they have regular coffee.   It is one of the most arising diseases and millions of people are facing the disease worldwide but yes it can be cured that too having the most sorted drink.  3.Protect your liver  The liver is one of the most essential organs in the human body and it actually can have infections if not treated right. Not all of us know this but having coffee can actually prevent several liver diseases. One of the common diseases cirrhosis can be cured by coffee and according to reports people who drink four or more cups of […] Read More

Having Headaches Daily? Watch Your Caffeine Intake

The American Journal of Medicine found a correlation between a daily intake of caffeinated drinks and the onset of migraines and headaches. Too much caffeine triggers/increases migraine headaches. Consuming between 3 -5 servings per day increases the risk of developing migraines. According to a new study in the American Journal of Medicine (AJM), published by Elsevier. The results show consistency with a high daily intake of alcohol, sleep, stress, and physical activities.  What is Migraines? Migraine is a disorder, throbs and pulsates in the head region. This painful disorder is debilitating and affects almost 1.10 billion persons worldwide. Migraines are generally powerful headaches that culminate with vomiting, stress, feelings of ‘nauseousness’, and sensitivity to lights.  A migraine episode can last 6 hours, in some severe cases seventy-two hours. Women tend to suffer more from migraine headaches until they reach their early 50’s. Women are also three times more likely to develop migraines than men do. Migraine can start from a young age of 10 years of age.  The cause of migraines is not known. However, it seems linked to changes in brain patterns or biologically. For a long time, researchers thought migraine episodes occur by changes in blood flowing in the brain until recent research has proven migraine was also passed on to children by their parents.  Migraines are signals which elicited from overactive nerve cells. On activation of the trigeminal nerve, this nerve is responsible for supplying sensation to the face region as well as the head. When the nerve becomes active, it causes chemicals to activate where blood vessels swell in the lining of the brain. When these releases occur, the neurotransmitters send pain response to the head region. Migraine Triggers There are some triggers that persons who suffered from migraines are familiar noted.  Stress- as mentioned earlier, […] Read More


Most of the people want to know why some beer brands are the most top rated and most sold. In India people like old things, old brands etc. So, people here like the old taste more, the taste coming from generation to generation. here, people don’t want to try the new taste of new brands. just because of it some of the oldest beer brands are most top rated and most sold. So, here I’m discribing you my experience  about the top beer brands in India. TOP BEER BRANDS IN INDIA 1. KINGFISHER Kingfisher, The oldest and the most purest  beer brand  of India.  the taste is coming from generation to generation and its never changed. the brand was started in 1978.  In Kingfisher  some the beer brands are :  KINGFISHER PREMIUM KINGFISHER STRONG KINGFISHER ULTRA KINGFISHER ULTRA MAX  KINGFISHER STROM KINGFISHER BUZZ KINGFISHER BLUE But, currently in India there are only kingfisher premium, strong, ultra, ultra max are avilable. 2. CARLSBERG Are you beer body ready? Carlsberg , Probably the best beer in the world.  in pursuit of better beer brands, I came up to know about carlsberg . After trying carlsberg my mind changed about the beer according to me it’s really the best beer in the world.  the taste of beer is not always same because they constantly pursuit new ways to make it best beer brand among all the beer brands. 3. BUDWEISER Budweiser is the most premium brand used in alot of parties. moreover a proper Indian cocktail never get completed without opening a bottle of budweiser. budweiser not only leads in U.S. but it also leads in India, budweiser never ails to satisfy. currently in India 2 types of budweiser beer brands  are available:  BUDWEISER PREMIUM BUDWEISER MAGNUM Budweiser magnum comes with 5% of […] Read More


 Halo guys I’m here to talk about top 7 scotch whiskey brands under 2000 rupees. A  drinker knows how to drink but he doesn’t know which brand is perfect at a pocket-friendly rate. So, here im to share my  experience on some of the top scotch whiskey brands and there taste under 2000 rupees.   TOP 7 SCOTCH WHISKEY BRANDS UNDER 2000 RUPEES    1. BALLANTINE’S Ballantine’s is a range of Blended Scotch whiskies produced by Pernod Ricard in Dumbarton, Scotland. this is whiskey is the most satisying for the one whole likes smooth taste. Ballantine is the most popular brand under 2000 rupees.  it costs rupees 1842 in delhi.   2. BLACK DOG TRIPLE GOLD RESRVE The blend has a delicate finish and is accepted at parallel with any 12 years blend. It is available in all  sizes  1 ltr, 750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml and 60 ml. if you are 2 people to drink then a 750 ml bottle might be perfect to get you fully drunk. Black dog triple gold reserve is the only of the finest scotch whiskey.  it costs rupees 2000 in delhi.   3. JUSTERINI AND BROOKS ( J & B ) Justerini & Brooks is a fine scotch whiskey merchants founded in St. James’s in 1749  to provide scotch whiskey to the aristocratic households of London. Great in a cocktail, the unique blend makes it perfect for mixing. It costs rupees 1942 in Delhi   4. TEACHER’S Teachers ’50’ is a 12 years old blendend scotch whiskey brand. best-known blend is Highland Cream, notable for its high malt content and use of peaty malt whiskey. leading to a distinctively different blended Scotch. it costs is rupees 200 in delhi. ALKER RED LABEL Red Label is our Pioneer Blend, the one that has introduced our whisky to the world. […] Read More