5 Best Delicious Air Fryer Recipes in 2020

As we all know, people are conscious about their diet. Today Air Fryer is essential in our lives, particularly as the best alternative for the conventional fryer provides us with a delicious meal with fewer calories or zero oil. It is highly recommended you use the Salterz Air fryer to make your meal of best quality and taste, with complete work efficiency. For best Salter air fryer read reviews of Mrairfryer. Delicious Air Fryer Recipes: 1. Crispy Air Fryer Potatoes Fries: It’s no more convenient than to cook the potato fries in the oven., but it is perfect. You get tender, fluffy insides, and crisp skins every time. The recipe below is written for a standard air Fryer, but feel free to double or triple the recipe. INGREDIENTS One bag frozen french fries 1/4 tsp salt 1 tbsp neutral oil olive oil spray ground black pepper Preparing Instructions Preheat air fryer for 5 minutes. Pour in one batch of frozen fries to guarantee that they mix as least as possible. Set timer for  12 – 15 minutes.  Open the basket and shake to turn the fries over and rotate every 4 – 5 minutes. Spray lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt before cooking for the last 4-5 minutes. Enjoy until they’re as crisp as you want them to be (time changes somewhat based on how thick the fries are. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2- Air Fryer Breaded Chicken Tacos These healthy tacos are stuffed with oil-free breaded Chicken. This is a super tasty dish for an air fryer. You can have them with your choice of dressing and salad. INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp all-purpose flour 1/4 cup water Cube cut chicken 1 cup breadcrumbs 1 tsp garlic powder 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp chili powder Preparing Instructions Combine ground […] Read More


Best burger in Delhi: Food cravings are a part of everybody’s day and we all believe in the power of food. When nothing entertains you and all those sad songs feel real, some favorite food makes the day. We are the generation who is living for food and it barely feels good without our greatest pleasures (of course food). When talking about perfect food, how can we forget burger right? The little bundle of joy making people gala over its empathizing veggies and delicious presentation, the delight is complete enough to make its presence felt.  We are and will always be obliged to burgers for all our lives. This blog will give you a virtual tour to places presenting the best burger in Delhi.    1. High On Burgers Vodkas and Wines are old wives’ tales, it is easy to get high on burgers. The place is one amazing, pocket-friendly destination for all the burger lovers. They serve the best burger in Delhi and are not less famous than India Gate. One can try here one of the best burgers that is the double chicken sausage burger which is fully chicken loaded and leaving no room for hunger. For vegetarians, they have the Aloo patty burger and that is equally good.  Cost for two- Rs 200  Location- 57, Opposite Venkateshwara College, Satya Niketan, New Delhi 2. Hard Rock Cafe  Hard Rock Cafe is already famous for its decor and serving but along with all this, the cafe serves some of the best veg burger in Delhi. A must-try burger from this place consists of a medium patty sitting between slightly and smoothly roasted buttered buns topped with cheddar, bacon and onion rings. It is no need to ask ‘ How you doin’ here because every burger you get is already delicious.  […] Read More

10 Genius Healthy Recipes to fall in Love with Beans

Did you know you could convert this ‘isolation‘ period into your most savory days? Here’s the perfect chance to perfect all those recipes you never dreamed of. A healthy you equals a stable you, and we promise not only to give you delish but also to accompany that with a ton load of health and vitality. I bet you never knew recipes with beans could be this good! But Why Recipes with Beans? We simply cannot exhaust all the reasons why you should be trying beans as soon as yesterday! But we will give you our best reasons for health facts to dietetics and from a social point of view also. Historically and archaeologically, the bean family is one of the very first plants to be cultivated by humans – what is it they say about old is gold? Did you know a 50-gram steak has the same protein quantity as 12 eggs? Where do recipes for beans come in here? All these equal just a single cup of beans – healthy protein! Canned beans are one of the cheapest dishes in your local grocery outlets. The UN in 2016 declared it the International Year of Pulses (just a fancy way of recognizing dried legumes such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas.) The list goes on and on, but you get the flow – they are healthy, and history backs this up plus cheap to acquire. Did we add yummy? 1) Maize and Beans Mix This is one of those low carb chili recipes with beans that have been neglected in the West even though so common in the Eastern sides of the globe. In its simplest definition, it’s a mixture of beans and maize. However, it’s not that simplistic. Preparation needs coconut oil to fry, onions, tomatoes, chili, ginger, thickly sliced carrots, and […] Read More

Candle Light Dinner in Mumbai

Enjoy your quality Candle Light Dinner In Mumbai

Candlelight dinner in Mumbai: has gained immense popularity. With the advancement of technology, we can create dates at home. We can term Netflix and chill, also as a date. But spending time together in a perfect atmosphere is cherished throughout life. With life moving at a fast speed, couples need time to spend with each other. Spending time together improves compatibility, understanding, and communication between them. A right atmosphere can do wonders for the relationship. Private candle light dinner in Mumbai aims at giving full privacy to the couple so that they can enjoy their quality time. Candlelight dinner in Mumbai for couples has the ideal set up for couples.  Romantic CandleLight Dinner for Couples in Mumbai is nothing new. According to the conventional methods, the couples sit under a roof in a dimly lit area, making the place more romantic. There are many setups that you can plan for a romantic candle light dinner in Mumbai. The most important focus should be on the food on your candlelight dinner in Mumbai.  There are many places which offer private candlelight dinner. But choose the area according to the liking of your partner. Make sure that you include the food of their choice. Avoid experimenting with new dishes on a candle light dinner in Mumbai.  A few selected best Places for Candle Light Dinner in Mumbai: 1. Asilo, The St. Regis, Mumbai This prime location has a chic outdoor seating and the facility of Private Dining Lounges. There is a fantastic view of the Mediterranean ambiance. There is white flooring, which gives the look of elegance for candle light dinner in Mumbai. You may require to make Prior booking for enjoying the city sunset here. The presence of House DJ makes it even attractive for candlelight dinner for couples in Mumbai. Location:462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel Cost for two people: […] Read More


It was the year 1984 when Nestle decided to introduce maggi noodles in India. They were an instant hit. Everyone loved them as they were easy to prepare and took almost no time. It slowly became the savior of millions of students, workers and other people who stayed away from their families. They were a fun meal to be had with friends, family and even alone. It has been 35 years and Maggi still has us hooked to it. Everyone still loves Maggi the same, if not more. People like to cook it at home but what if you’re out for work? What if you don’t have a kitchen? What if you’re tired of eating at home and want to go out and enjoy some Maggi? Here are the best places in Delhi to have maggi when you’re feeling it. They serve different kinds of maggi and each one is uniquely the best. All of these have been tried and tested. Choose your favourite one from these top 7 places to beat your maggi cravings in Delhi. Let’s start. 1.Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point Located in the heart of the North Campus of Delhi University, Tom Uncle maggi point has been serving the same taste since their inception. They serve somewhere around 30 different kinds of maggi. This place doesnt need any kind of introduction. They are the most popular in the town. This spot is one of the favourite hangout joints of hungry college souls. Tom Uncle’s eatery is famous in the entire student community in Delhi. What are you waiting for? Go and try their different style of maggi’s and treat your tastebuds. WHERE: Guru Tegh Bahadur Road, Near Ramjas College Maurice Nagar, University Enclave 2. Billu’s Food Hut If you are near NSP, we personally recommend this place. […] Read More


When its come about continental food Delhi never let you down. well, for all those who live in delhi and love continental food. if you want to take your continental food expreince to a different level. here is something exciting for you, Top 15 Continental food restaurant in Delhi.  TOP 15 CONTINENTAL FOOD RESTAURANT IN DELHI 1. THE ONE – LE MERIDIAN   When it comes about continental food the one is the best. Situated in one of the best hotel in Delhi le- meridian. the one is a perfect place for Sunday brunch with family and friends. here, you will fall in love with polite staff and ambiance.  what I personally like here is special Sunday buffet food with family. 2. PARIKRAMA its so nice to a have a continental meal, while sitting at a height of 240 feet from the ground. Yeah im not kidding. Parikrama is a revolving restaurant at a 240 feet height from the ground . here you can enjoy your meal while seeing the diffrent view of Delhi. 3. TAMASHA Taasha is the one of the finest lounge in cp. here you can a  some really good continental food with the drink you order. this is the fine place to hangout with your friends at a pocket friendly rate.  4. MOLECULE AIR BAR Molecule air bar is on the best bar which serve  freshly brewed beer and cocktails with continental food. here you can enhance your expernice while sitting on a rooftop sittings. but stags are not allowed here. you can get a 30% dicount if you book your table through dineout.com . WHEREE: SEC. 29, GURGOAN 5. 736 AD CAFE AND BAR This place have amazing ambaince at a affordbale rate . 736 ad serves a variety of continental cuisine. the dj night and […] Read More


South Indian food has earned much fame across the globe, particularly for scrumptious dishes like Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam and Sambar.If you love South Indian food and live in the Northern part of the country, you are certain to miss those exquisite flavours in your daily meals. South indain food not only include dosa and idli, there are alot of other things also like hirukannamidu, Kesari and kheer.   TOP 15 SOUTH INDIAN FOOD PLACES IN DELHI 1. MAHABELLY Not only the serve good food they also have a good interior. Mahabelly is one of the best south Indian food restaurants in Delhi.  my personal fav is masala dosa with a mug of beer. here you can try any south Indian item with having a alchohal drink from Malabar. WHERE: MA-A05, Ground Floor, Restaurant Block, DLF Place Mall, Saket, New Delhi 110017 2. DAKSHIN This is a Delhi outlet by itc group. the 1st name appeared 1st in Chennai in the 1960s. some of the greatest politicians also come here to have a bite of south Indian cuisine. A south Indian food lover who lives in Delhi cannot miss any flavor here. WHERE : Sheraton New Delhi Hotel, District Centre, Saket, New Delhi 3. CARNATIC CAFE If you dream to have a Bengaluru taste, this place might be best for that taste in Delhi. each and every item of the menu is must try. what best thing about this place I like is pocket-friendly rate. WHERE: Ground Floor, India Mall, Community Centre, New Friends 4. JUGGERNAUT The moment you enter you got an aroma of some spices. The restaurant is on the 2nd & 3rd floor. Thankfully they have lift.  this place opens at 6:30 am. so, if you ever want to  have south Indian cuisine breakfast  then this place might be perfect for you. WHERE:HS-16, Main […] Read More