It was the year 1984 when Nestle decided to introduce maggi noodles in India. They were an instant hit. Everyone loved them as they were easy to prepare and took almost no time. It slowly became the savior of millions of students, workers and other people who stayed away from their families. They were a fun meal to be had with friends, family and even alone.

It has been 35 years and Maggi still has us hooked to it. Everyone still loves Maggi the same, if not more. People like to cook it at home but what if you’re out for work? What if you don’t have a kitchen? What if you’re tired of eating at home and want to go out and enjoy some Maggi? Here are the best places in Delhi to have maggi when you’re feeling it. They serve different kinds of maggi and each one is uniquely the best. All of these have been tried and tested. Choose your favourite one from these top 7 places to beat your maggi cravings in Delhi. Let’s start.

1.Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point

Located in the heart of the North Campus of Delhi University, Tom Uncle maggi point has been serving the same taste since their inception. They serve somewhere around 30 different kinds of maggi. This place doesnt need any kind of introduction. They are the most popular in the town. This spot is one of the favourite hangout joints of hungry college souls. Tom Uncle’s eatery is famous in the entire student community in Delhi. What are you waiting for? Go and try their different style of maggi’s and treat your tastebuds.

WHERE: Guru Tegh Bahadur Road, Near Ramjas College Maurice Nagar, University Enclave

2. Billu’s Food Hut


If you are near NSP, we personally recommend this place. They serve some experimental renditions like Tandoori Paneer Tikka Maggi, Schezwan Sauce Maggi and Chilli Chaap Maggi. When you visit this place, make sure you try their shakes as well.. Go here for some neat spice kicks!

Where: Netaji Subhash Place

3.Maggi Walker

This place located in Punjabi Bagh, West Delhi is a delight for Maggi lovers. This place recently opened up and already have a good name in the market. Some of our reporters suggested that this is the best place to have chinese food in Punjabi Bagh. They have many different and exotic versions of Maggi Noodles. The Punjabi in you can slurp on Butter Chicken Maggi or try some Salami or Eggtarian .

Where: Road 77, Punjabi Bagh

4. Kev’s, Satyaniketan


One of the hidden gems in South Campus that fills up your need of different flavours of Maggi that you won’t find anywhere else. They give you three genres – Flavors of India, European Aroma and Fragrance of China to choose from and each genre is divided into many different types of dishes like Maggi chaat, Bar-be-que Maggi and Khatta Tomato whereas European Arora has French, Salsa, Mexican, Italian and Fragrance of China offers Chili Garlic and Spicy Lemon. Their options do not finish here. This place has so many exciting Maggi flavours that one cannot afford to miss even one!

Where: 298, Satyaniketan

5.Samosa Street

What if i tell you there is actually a place serving maggisamosa? I know every samosa lovers is going to love this. As the name makes it amply clear, Samosa Street is meant for samosa lovers, but it takes the samosa-eating-experience higher by a notch when they stuff the samosa with Maggi noodles!

Where: Lawrence Road

Dont forget to have a beer with noodles

6. Woodbox Cafe


The cheesy garlic mayo and the Maggi lasagna coupled with mayo fries is to what you must pamper yourself with here! The maggilicioius menu is a paradise for all Maggi lovers. They have some really interesting twists to Maggi recipes.

Where: 2521, Hudson Ln, Near, Vijay Nagar, Chowk

7. Mom’s Kitchen

This place is not known to many. but is going to rock the market in the coming days. I recently tried this place on my own and found this place perfectly amazing. They make Maggi so tasty that you will literally take in a moment to soak in the taste. Whenever you get time to visit Kirti nagar, do not forget to try out this place.


I’m sure once you go to these places, you are going to love it. These are places that should come to your rescue every time you feel like having maggi. Maggi is us. It defines our generation and it will continue to entertain the ones to come. Anyone and everyone deserves it. It is our soul food.
Do try these places and let us know how you liked them. If you have any other places to add, let us know and we will add them. Last, but not the least, make sure to keep enjoying Maggi and let others have the pleasure too. HAPPY MAGGY-ING!

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