Did you know you could convert this ‘isolation‘ period into your most savory days? Here’s the perfect chance to perfect all those recipes you never dreamed of. A healthy you equals a stable you, and we promise not only to give you delish but also to accompany that with a ton load of health and vitality. I bet you never knew recipes with beans could be this good!

But Why Recipes with Beans?

We simply cannot exhaust all the reasons why you should be trying beans as soon as yesterday! But we will give you our best reasons for health facts to dietetics and from a social point of view also.

  • Historically and archaeologically, the bean family is one of the very first plants to be cultivated by humans – what is it they say about old is gold?
  • Did you know a 50-gram steak has the same protein quantity as 12 eggs? Where do recipes for beans come in here? All these equal just a single cup of beans – healthy protein!
  • Canned beans are one of the cheapest dishes in your local grocery outlets.
  • The UN in 2016 declared it the International Year of Pulses (just a fancy way of recognizing dried legumes such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas.)

The list goes on and on, but you get the flow – they are healthy, and history backs this up plus cheap to acquire. Did we add yummy?

1) Maize and Beans Mix

This is one of those low carb chili recipes with beans that have been neglected in the West even though so common in the Eastern sides of the globe. In its simplest definition, it’s a mixture of beans and maize. However, it’s not that simplistic.

Preparation needs coconut oil to fry, onions, tomatoes, chili, ginger, thickly sliced carrots, and a handful of wheat flour to thicken the soup (totally optional if you prefer to keep it low-carb). The beans and maize need to be boiled separately until they are tender. This is usually the longest part. Afterward, fry with your ingredients following the pattern in the link above.

Secret tip: This meal is best appreciated with a healthy avocado!

2) Black Legumes, Penne with Veggies

If you find recipes with black beans much more palatable to the tongue, then it’s time to get yourself some penne pasta! Compliment that with veggies constituting of mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, pepper, and onions. Add cloves, dried basil onions, and thyme to taste.

3) Cauliflower Rice with Beans

Again, we’ll try to keep it as low-carb as possible. We don’t want you stuffing on all the wrong recipes with beans in this period where you’d rather stay locked indoors than mobile – let’s check on that weight. Cauliflower rice beats ordinary rice in this. Just wait till you perfect your cooking skills and see what you’ll come up with this. There are a ton of recipes on cauliflower, and we’ll leave that up to you. Share with us what and how you decide to make your recipes with beans and rice.  

4) Italian Meatballs on Veggies!

Beginning to get hungry over here!

Healthy Recipes

How do you love your meatballs?

So we’ll give it a break for a minute with all those vegetarian diets – time to switch sides. Baked beans with ground beef recipes should quench your flesh-love! Use chopped collards, ground beef, drained, mashed beans, cooked spaghetti, jarred marinara, Italian seasoning, an egg, and minced garlic and cloves. Instead of using the oven with these petite recipes with beans, you can make use of your best small gas grill.

5) Burrito Bowl, Kale, Avocado with Green Beans

Whether you want to use fresh beans or leftovers, this diet is perfect for you even if you are no vegetarian at heart. Akin to the previous Maize and Beans Mix menu but without much sophistication minus the maize; it has an added touch of healthy green. If you prefer drier recipes with fresh green beans, then this ought to do you a whole bunch of good.

6) Slow Cooked Pinto Beans

What if it’s just one of those days that you just don’t feel like doing a darn thing? Well, the simplest recipes with pinto beans only require you to have dried pintos, salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper, and you are good to go. Slow cook with lots of water for soup.

7) Mexican Refried Beans

The first time you heard of it, you probably thought it was twice-fried! This is but a misconception. It comes from its Spanish name – frijoles refritos (refritos meaning well-fried).

Beans Recipes

Recipes with refried beans just have a different taste and are just easy to cook especially Mexican pinto.

Here, you can make use of recipes with green beans, pintos, or even black legumes. Cook in water then skillet with fat and seasoning of choice (chipotle powder will do some magic.)

8) Toasted Cheese, White Bean Soup Complimented with Tomatoes

If you thought you’d heard it all, then wait for what is still to come in our final list of recipes with beans. This white soup recipe will only take you 10 minutes and requires you to toast the cheese under a broiler without frying in butter. You’ll need strained white beans, fresh rosemary, dry white wine, vegetable broth, shallot, garlic clove, mozzarella cheese, crusty sourdough bread, kosher salt, and plum tomatoes.

9) Chocolate Protein Balls!

Phew! Makes you wonder what’s impossible with beans involved, right? Just flavor your black beans with nut butter, cocoa, and chocolate protein powder. This can go for a week in the fridge without being baked.

Healthy Meals

Refrigerate this healthy snack, and you’ll love every taste

10) Coconut Chickpea Curry

The browner the food, the spicier, sweeter, tastier dainty, and ambrosian it tends to be – this was the best lesson learned from the coconut chickpea curry! If you want to enjoy everything fresh and pungent, you’ll have to buy everything raw – even your spices should be ground at home. The garam masala makes all the difference here.


Now you won’t look down on beans again as inferior food, will you? You can bet if this was the oldest food known to man, if the apocalypse was to come tomorrow, some beans would still survive! Which are your favorite recipes with beans?

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