Hi, My name is Anant Khurana, I’m from Delhi, India. I’m 18 years old.  What best thing I have done till now in my life is starting my career in a field of Digital Marketing. I’m meeting you here just because of Digital Marketing I got an idea to start a blog from digital marketing. like every teenager, I’m also interested in exploring new places. I’m a foodie so I explore places related to good food. being a foodie is the main reason of choosing a topic a food for blogging.

There are basically 2 reasons behind why I always upload an article related to Delhi.
1. because  I’m from Delhi.

2. I personally think Delhi is underrated in terms of food.
So, to make aware that Delhi is the only city where you can find a taste of every state in Delhi.

I want you to stay updated with my every article and if you find any mistake related to my work please inform me about it. at the contact us page.