Tummy got yummy is a site for food lovers and enthusiastic for whom filling stomach is not just the aim of having food. The core and prime purpose are to satisfy the taste buds and ensure TUMMY GOT YUMMY food. As the name of this Logo of the website suggests, the aim of this blog is to reach people by words. the link symbol in the logo tells that we write and the fork tells that we write about food

My name is Anant Khurana. I’m the Founder and SEO Strategist at Tummygotyummy. While pursuing my career in Digital marketing I came up with an idea of starting a food blog. Our aim is to reach you organically Through google search results and to ensure that every person on this planet must have YUMMY TUMMY food.

My name is Shivam Khard. I am a college student. I have always wanted to start my own business. And thus, I am trying to become an entrepreneur. I have pursued a degree in Digital Marketing. I along with my partner decided to start our own company which led to the foundation of tummygotyummy.com. In our startup, my role is that of a CMO and SMO Strategist